Whether you’re an experienced photographer or a beginner looking to learn the ropes, you can trust Canon to provide you with a quality camera. Canon cameras are known for their impressive image quality, exceptional color rendering, and their range of available accessories.

But with all of the high-quality camera options that Canon offers, you might be wondering, what is the best Canon camera?

To determine what is the best canon camera, we’ll break down a few key factors, including the type of camera system, the price, and the style of photography you want to shoot.

DSLR Cameras vs Mirrorless Cameras

When comparing cameras, it’s important to know the two different systems that are available—DSLR and mirrorless. While neither system is better than the other, they both offer various benefits.


DSLR stands for digital single-lens reflex. Let’s break that down to get a better understanding:

  • Digital – This refers to the fact that the camera operates with a fixed, digital sensor.

  • Single-lens – This means exactly what it sounds like—the camera has one lens that is used for framing and focusing.

  • Reflex – This refers to the way light is reflected off the camera’s internal mirror and toward the viewfinder. The viewfinder is where you look to see the image you want to photograph.

DSLRs are most often used by professional photographers because of the added control they allow the photographer to have over things like focus and exposure. Plus, DSLRs have exceptional battery life. A photographer can shoot about 800 to 1500 shots on a single charge.


Appropriately named, mirrorless cameras do not have mirrors to reflect light into the viewfinder the way DSLRs do. Instead, the imaging sensor is exposed to light at all times. This allows the camera to provide a digital preview of your shot. You’ll see this either on the rear LCD screen, or through the camera’s electronic viewfinder.

Since mirrorless cameras don’t include a mirror, they are faster and quieter than DSLRs. They’re also much smaller, and generally easier to use. This makes mirrorless cameras a popular choice among beginner or casual photographers.

However, because mirrorless cameras utilize LCD displays and electronic viewfinders, they have a much shorter battery life than DSLRs. On average, a mirrorless camera will allow you to take 250-400 shots on a single charge.

Best DSLR Camera

If you’ve determined that a DSLR camera is the type of system you want to use, then you’ll want to consider Canon’s EOS-1D X Mark III.

Named “the most advanced camera in the world” by Digital Camera World, the EOS-1D X Mark III is actually a DSLR/mirrorless hybrid. It’s fast, dependable, and incorporates next-generation technology. Take a look at some of the incredible features this canon DSLR camera offers:

  • Deep-learning autofocus system– This camera’s autofocus and image stabilization can detect subjects quickly and accurately, making it a stellar choice for action photography.

  • Smart controllers – Unlike traditional joysticks, smart controllers allow you to move autofocus points smoothly and quickly by simply sliding your thumb across the screen.

However, due to these high-tech features, the EOS-1D X Mark III is more expensive than other DSLRs, retailing for $6,499.00. It’s also larger and heavier than other Canon cameras.

While the Canon EOS-1D X Mark III is an exceptional DSLR hybrid, if you’re looking to save money, it may not be the best choice for you.

Best Mirrorless Camera

If you prefer the ease of a mirrorless camera, you’ll want to check out the camera TechRader named “Canon’s best ever stills camera”—the Canon EOS R5.

How did the Canon EOS R5 earn this rating? It offers the following:

  • A 45 megapixel full-frame camera imaging sensor for superior image quality
  • Ultra-high resolution
  • Top-notch autofocus that features eye-detection, subject-detection, and tracking
  • A solid battery life

Whether you’re shooting a wedding, a sports game, or a picturesque landscape, the Canon EOS R5 is the best mirrorless camera Canon has to offer.

Like the EOS-1D X Mark III, this camera isn’t without its flaws. While the EOS R5 has exceptional image quality, its video quality is much less clear. Plus, it comes with a hefty price tag, retailing for $3,899.00 on Canon’s website.

Best Camera for Beginners

If you’re looking for a top-quality camera that’s more budget-friendly, consider the Canon EOS RP. It’s the lightest and most compact full frame canon mirrorless camera that the company has to offer. It’s lower in price, but not in performance, offering:

  • Autofocus with face tracking
  • An angled touchscreen display
  • 4k continuous shooting capability up to 25 frames per second

The most notable downside to the Canon EOS RP? It’s low battery life. However, if you don’t plan on taking more than 250 shots per charge, then this camera is the best choice for you.

It retails on Canon’s website for only $999.99.

The Best Canon Camera for Your Photography Needs

Ultimately, determining which Canon camera is the best depends on you, the photographer. If you’re looking for a camera with unparalleled autofocus and cutting edge technology, the Canon EOS-1D X Mark III is the best Canon camera.

If you want an easy-to-use mirrorless camera with superior image quality, the best Canon camera is Canon’s EOS R5.

For beginners or casual photographers looking to save some money, the best Canon camera is the Canon EOS RP. It takes professional quality photos without the professional quality price. In addition, Canon offers many other incredible cameras such as the canon 5d mark iv, canon powershot, canon eos m50, and the canon 80d.

No matter what you’re looking for, Canon has the best cameras for you. Plus, if you purchase through RebateKey, you can receive up to 3% cash back using Cannon cashback rebates, coupons and promo codes. There’s never been a better time to invest in a Canon camera and start capturing the world around you.













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