The Vitamix is considered the holy grail of blenders. It offers unparalleled power and performance. However, it also comes at a steep price.

Most people don’t have a small nest egg laying around to splurge on a blender. However, if you love cooking, you may be curious about whether this blender is worth the hype.

Before you take the plunge, you deserve to know whether the Vitamix blender is worth it or not. To find out, keep reading.

How Much is a Vitamix?

Vitamix offers a range of high-performance blenders for all types of blending tasks. They cost anywhere between $250 to $600, depending on the Vitamix model.

If those prices sound exorbitantly high, you’re right. Most other blenders on the market go for less than $100. If you don’t mind a cheaper blender, you can score one for as low as $30.

So is the Vitamix really that much better than these bargain blenders?

Is Vitamix Worth It?

If you’re wondering, is Vitamix worth it, remember that as with most things in life, you get what you pay for. High-performance blenders justify their price by providing outstanding reliability, versatility, and durability. Vitamix blenders come with a 7 to 10-year warranty (depending on the Vitamix model), so they are built to last.

They can tackle your toughest blending tasks with ease.

Vitamix blenders enable you to blend a wide variety of foods, including:

  • Smoothies
  • Hot soup
  • Dips
  • Nut butter
  • Nut milk
  • Juices
  • Baby food

In contrast, a cheaper blender is limited in what it can do. Its inferior durability means you’ll probably have to replace it more often. Hence the saying, “buy cheap, buy twice.”

What Is So Great About The Vitamix?

To understand the hype around Vitamix blenders, check out these impressive Vitamix qualities:

  • Reliability – According to a Consumer Reports Reliability Study, Vitamix boasts the best reliability feedback from over 30,000 surveyed participants. Vitamix blenders only experience mechanical problems 6% of the time within the first 4 years. Other high-end blender brands had rates of 16% or higher! Thus, you can expect your Vitamix machine to work flawlessly for years to come, saving you money in the long run.
  • Versatility – There are two kinds of people in this world—those who love cooking and those who don’t. If you’re the former, a Vitamix blender can expand your culinary horizons significantly. You can make everything from homemade ice cream to soup from scratch using this versatile machine. It whips up dips, doughs, cake batter, raw juices, and much more.
  • Power – The Vitamix’s power is measured in horsepower. It can pulverize the smallest seeds, fruit skins, and other tough ingredients. In turn, you can say goodbye to gritty smoothies once and for all. It also has the power to create delicious nut butters, flours, and milks from scratch, unlike most bargain blenders.
  • Heat – The Vitamix professional series blender stands out from other blenders since it can heat up your food, saving you the hassle of using a separate saucepan. This comes in handy when you’re making soup. Just blend the soup for two minutes and it will be heated to perfection.
  • Advanced features – The Vitamix features many convenient bells and whistles. For instance, it has a programmable timer so you can track cook time in the kitchen. It also has a self-cleaning setting. Just add dish soap and water, turn on the cleaning setting, and voilà, it’s clean and ready for your future Vitamix recipes. No dishwasher required.
  • Customer satisfaction – Due to all of these awesome features, 96% of survey respondents from the Consumer Reports Reliability Study said they were “highly satisfied” with their Vitamix purchase. This satisfaction rating soared above the competition, including big names like Blendtec and Black & Deckers.

So Are Vitamix Worth The Price?

When you consider these features, the Vitamix is definitely worth the price. That’s why so many Vitamix users report exceptional satisfaction. They can’t imagine going back to a normal, classic blender after getting used to their Vitamix.

Furthermore, you can easily save money on your overall food expenses by purchasing a Vitamix professional series blender. Rather than buying an expensive $6 smoothie on the go, or purchasing pricy nut butter at the store, you can save a significant amount of money by making them at home.

Not only will you save money over time, counteracting the initial investment, but you can also improve your health by avoiding preservatives, additives, and unwanted ingredients from food retailers such as Thrive Market. How does Thrive Market work? Visit their site for more details to begin your journey to healthy eating.

Why Buy the Vitamix?

In summary, you should invest in the Vitamix if:

  • You want the best blender on the market
  • You want to increase your versatility in the kitchen
  • You want a machine that will last the test of time

You should avoid the Vitamix if:

  • You barely use a blender
  • You don’t mind gritty smoothies
  • You don’t cook at home very often

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