Last year, consumers spent over $700 billion on Black Friday deals. According to current projections, they will spend even more this year.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2019 will likely be the most lucrative shopping season yet. These are two of the biggest shopping days of the year, filled with industry-wide sales. In fact, there are so many sales, it can be hard to keep track.

How will you find the best Black Friday deals in 2019? Navigating different sites, products, and discounts can be a labyrinthine task. Take advantage of the 2019 holiday shopping season with this guide to Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

When Are Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2019?

The exact date for Black Friday varies from year to year, but it always takes place the day after Thanksgiving. For 2019, that means Black Friday will fall on November 29th, right at the end of the month. But Black Friday has become more than a single shopping day filled with once-a-year deals.

It is a season of savings. You can expect promotional adverts to fill magazines and television space as early as October. Early deals may appear a week before Black Friday and extend into the beginning of December.

Cyber Monday is the Monday following Black Friday. Take note that Cyber Monday 2019 lands on December 2nd and you will have a short holiday shopping timeframe.

Cyber Monday features online-exclusive deals, whereas some Black Friday deals may be limited to brick-and-mortar stores. But due to the rise of the internet and consumer preference, many Black Friday deals will be available online.

Although these shopping days have begun to blend together, they still exist as two separate events. Some retailers will release their best deals on Black Friday 2019 or Cyber Monday 2019 to market to their target audiences.

Where Are the Best Black Friday Deals?

No matter where you look, you will find deals from retailers of all shapes and sizes. But not every Black Friday deal is made the same.

Amazon is one of the largest Black Friday contenders. From $200 televisions to Amazon devices such as Alexa and the Echo, these deals are some of the best around. Now that Whole Foods is under the Amazon umbrella, speculators believe you will find food sales for Black Friday 2019.

As always, Amazon subscription services will be on sale, whether it is for Audible, Kindle, Music, or Prime. And it is not a bad idea to pick up Amazon Prime during the sale. Many of the best Black Friday Amazon deals require a Prime membership.

Walmart, Best Buy, and Target will all be in competition, offering many of the same items at steep discounts. Obviously, Amazon does not sell Google merchandise. You will find those items on sale from these three retailers.

You can also expect massive discounts on typical Holiday gift items. These might be toys, clothes, home hardware, and kitchen equipment.

You will also find some of the best savings on large electronic items: tablets, game consoles, and laptops.

How To Get the Best Black Friday Deals

The trick is to start early. Major retailers will "leak" information about some of their best sales in October. Start creating your holiday shopping list in advance and make note of related deals. Keep in mind price matching is often not available during Black Friday, and that will not be any different this year.

Of course, some deals will slip by and surprise you later on. The trick is to know when and where to look. In general, the early bird gets the worm.

Instead of waiting for Cyber Monday 2019, most businesses will offer some of their best online deals a few days before Thanksgiving. Doorbusters, insane sales meant to draw a crowd, are often available only on Thanksgiving and into Black Friday. But prepare to deal with a ravenous crowd if the doorbuster is available only at physical stores.

Once you start your search a day or two before Thanksgiving, stay vigilant. Additional deals will pop up in the following days, especially on Black Friday 2019. You may want to continue your search going onward into Cyber Monday 2019, though by now many of the best sales will have come and gone.

Deals will continue beyond Cyber Monday, though few will offer the same savings as days earlier. If you are late to the shopping punch, take advantage of these lingering offers.

Black Friday 2019 Shopping Tips

By now, most shoppers have heard the news: do not buy the cheap TVs. Even during a sale, if it is too good to be true, it probably is.

Many of these televisions are low quality, no matter what the feature list seems to suggest. In fact, some of these are derivative models manufactured to serve as Black Friday doorbusters. You can still find great deals on televisions, but do your research and avoid anything suspicious.

Never buy a product without looking at competitor's options. Since deals are widely available, you could save a significant amount by purchasing from another supplier. Price comparisons are key.

Scammers are rampant during the holiday shopping season. Never purchase a product from a retailer you do not trust.

Some scammers will purchase advertisements promoting unbelievable sales. Avoid them. They are just looking for your credit card information.

Lastly, be ready to put the work in. Unbelievable sales can appear where and when you least expect. Oftentimes the best discounts will come in limited quantities, so refresh those shopping pages often!

Why Wait for Black Friday?

Many consumers will rely on Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2019 for most of their holiday shopping. But they will not be the only time to find amazing savings this year. In fact, you can save all year long with RebateKey.

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