Canon has made a name for itself as one of the leading brands in the world of photography. Not only does Canon sell a wide variety of high-performance cameras, but they also offer an impressive range of camera accessories.

There are advantages to using any of Canon’s numerous accessories. But we’ve determined which Canon accessories are absolutely essential to get you the most out of your camera.

Take a look at our list of the top 5 Canon camera accessories.

1. A Tripod

No matter what type of photography you’re shooting, tripods are an extremely useful camera accessory to add to your photography kit. A tripod essentially acts as an additional set of hands, allowing you more freedom in your photography (which can be especially helpful if you’re wrangling the kids for a family photo!).

What are some of the advantages of using a tripod?

  • Perfect framing – A tripod makes it possible for you to set up the exact frame you want for your shot on your digital camera.

  • Slower shutter speeds – A tripod holds your camera steady, so you’re able to utilize slower shutter speeds. A slower shutter speed allows more light to enter your camera—ideal for low-light or nighttime photography.

  • Smaller aperture – A steady tripod also allows you to use a smaller aperture. This is useful in landscape photography, or any instance where you want a large depth of field.

Canon’s Deluxe Tripod 300

A solid tripod option is Canon’s Deluxe Tripod 300. For only $45, this tripod boasts a 3-way pan head, anti-skid feet, and a maximum load capacity of 4.4 pounds. Plus, the tripod head features a built-in bubble level, ensuring your horizon lines are always straight.

Although Canon’s Deluxe Tripod 300 is extremely affordable, it’s not as sturdy as more expensive tripods. This is due in part to the fact that it’s made from plastic, as opposed to aluminum or carbon fiber. While you can depend on this tripod to hold your Canon camera safely, it’s not built to handle a camera with a larger lens attached.

2. A Battery Grip

An additional camera battery can be a lifesaver, whether you’re capturing beautiful vistas on a vacation or candid moments at a celebration with loved ones. But keeping track of that extra battery can sometimes be an inconvenience in and of itself.

Enter the battery grip.

As its name suggests, a battery grip’s main purpose is to hold an additional battery for your camera. This means your camera can use two batteries at once, essentially doubling the life of your camera.

A battery grip is particularly useful for:

  • Mirrorless cameras (which already have a shorter battery life)
  • All-day shooting events

Before purchasing a battery grip, you’ll want to consider how you use your camera to confirm whether it’s the right choice for you. Battery grips can range in price from $199.99 to $349.99. If you generally only shoot for an hour or so at a time, they may be an unnecessary expense.

3. A Protective Filter

Your Canon camera is a high-quality investment, one that you want to be sure to protect. One of the easiest and most affordable ways to do this is by purchasing a protective filter.

A protective filter attaches to the front of your camera. It works by keeping your lens safe from:

  • Dust
  • Dirt
  • Scratches
  • Moisture
  • Falls

If you do happen to get dust, dirt, or water onto your camera, having a protective filter or screen protector means you don’t have to stress about cleaning your expensive camera lens. Instead, you only need to clean your filter.

4. A Camera Strap

You might not have expected a camera strap to be one of the essential Canon camera accessories on this list. However, a camera strap not only ensures the safety of your camera body, it also provides you with more comfort and convenience during shooting. Here’s how:

  • Minimizing fall risk – When your camera is safely strapped, you don’t have to worry about accidentally dropping it on the ground and damaging it.

  • A break for your hands – A camera strap allows you to give your hands a rest during long periods of shooting.

  • Keeping things clean – If you’re shooting in a dirty or potentially hazardous area, you don’t have to worry about finding a safe spot to set your camera down.

When you purchase a camera strap, what you’re really purchasing is peace of mind. Luckily for you, Canon offers this peace of mind at an incredibly affordable price.

Canon’s NS-EN110 Strap

Retailing for only $50, this Canon camera strap is a fantastic choice for your camera. It’s able to support approximately 6.6 pounds, so it will comfortably hold your camera even if you have a lens attached. Plus, this strap comes with a position lock. This lock keeps your camera from swinging and bouncing while it’s strapped around your neck.

5. A Camera Bag

A camera strap is a smart way to protect your Canon camera while you’re using it. But what about while you’re not using it? A sturdy, well-padded camera bag is essential for storing and transporting your Canon camera safely. We recommend keeping an extra memory card, adapter, spare battery, lens cap, and charger in your camera bag.

Canon offers a wide variety of camera bags, ranging from shoulder bags to backpacks. Each type of bag offers advantages and disadvantages. Let’s take a look at two of Canon’s best camera bag options.

Canon Deluxe Gadget Bag 10EG

This over-the-shoulder camera bag is so stylish you’ll want to take a picture of it. It’s also spacious, designed to fit 2 DSLR cameras, 5-8 lenses, film, and accessories. The Deluxe Gadget Bag is padded to protect your equipment, and reinforced with leather.

But keep in mind, while shoulder bags make it easy to access your camera equipment (since it’s on your side), they may cause added strain on your shoulder. A shoulder bag may also not be the best choice if you need to carry a significant amount of equipment.

Camera Backpack EDC-1

Backpacks are making a comeback, not only in the fashion world but in the photography field as well. Canon’s newest camera backpack features interior padding to protect your equipment. It also features adjustable padded shoulder straps to make carrying your equipment more comfortable. A rain cover is also included to provide even more protection.

The cons to choosing a backpack? Accessing your equipment is not as convenient as it is with a shoulder bag. Additionally, with all the space available for equipment, a backpack may become heavier to carry than a shoulder bag.

The Best Canon Accessories for the Best Canon Experience

Whether you’re a professional photographer or simply a photography enthusiast, your Canon camera is a quality piece of equipment, providing you with high-quality images.

To ensure you get the most out of your Canon camera for years to come, invest in these 5 Canon camera accessories. With RebateKey, you can improve your photos and keep your camera safe, all while saving money.


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