In 2021, it seems like your iPhone can do just about anything. With every new model that comes out, Apple phones become increasingly crucial to our daily lives. Your iPhone can’t always perform on its own, though. Sometimes, you need the right gadgets to turn your apple device into a digital Swiss Army knife.

If you want to get the most out of your mobile device, here are the best iPhone accessories you can find on Amazon!

1. Wireless Car Charger

When you’re behind the wheel and losing battery life on your iPhone, fumbling with a tangled charging cord is far from safe. That’s why this wireless car charger or charging pad is one of the best iPhone accessories for people on the go. With this product, you can enjoy benefits like:

  • Compatible case – The charger comes with a compatible magnetic charging case and battery pack. This sleek, black covering will not only protect your phone but ensure it stays locked in place while charging.

  • Dual-port adapter – With this product, you’ll also receive a dual-port adapter charging cable that can charge up to two devices at once—great news for a passenger with a dead phone!

  • Rotation – This car charger rotates on a 360° mount, giving you the freedom to turn your screen in any direction.

Why you need this – You never know when your phone might die. Avoid the hassle of cords and get a wireless charger that is fast charging and doubles as a car mount.

2. Bike Phone Mount

If a bike is more your speed (literally), then you’re going to need a different kind of phone mount. Whether you’re using GPS services, listening to music, or simply don’t trust your pocket, this bicycle phone mount is one of the best iPhone accessories and is definitely a must-have. Here’s the rundown if you’re still not convinced:

  • Universality – This phone mount is compatible with nearly any smartphone. Whether you’re rocking an iPhone 11 Pro, an iPhone 12 Max, iPhone x, or even an iPhone 8 or iPhone 6s, this product has you covered.

  • Basic installation – Don’t worry about having the right tools or damaging your handlebars; this phone mount easily attaches with a secure clamp and a single screw.

  • Shock absorption – The road can get a little bumpy when you’re cycling—that’s why this phone mount comes with a silicone belt and rubberized clip perfectly designed for shock absorption.

Why you need this – Exercise meets technology with this innovative bicycle phone mount. A secure clamp and adjustable straps keep your phone safe and accessible on even the roughest roads.

3. iPhone Telescope

Do you dream of seeing far and wide, but the zoom on your camera isn’t cutting it? Then say hello to the iPhone monocular telescope! This accessory is amazing for bird watching, hiking, and nature photography. Here’s how it works:

  • Magnification – The magnification on this telescope will blow your regular iPhone camera out of the water. The monocular comes with a 12 x 50 magnification lens—leagues above the iPhone’s standard 2x zoom.

  • Tripod – Get the steadiest shot every time with a built-in adjustable iphone tripod and phone holder.

  • Grip– If you’re wondering how to use this product, the non-slip handle makes it easy to snap photos with one hand.

  • Protection – The iPhone monocular telescope is waterproof, shockproof, and fog-proof. It’s ready to handle anything mother nature throws at you.

Why you need this – Have you ever wished your phone could capture nature’s true beauty? Now it can with this iPhone monocular telescope. This lens kit really improves iphone photography. A high-resolution zoom lens and easy-to-use features allow nature lovers to get plenty of use from this accessory.

4. Screen Magnifier

While the iPhone’s compact size is great for your pocket, sometimes you need a bigger screen. Whether you’re watching videos or sharing photos with friends, this iPhone screen magnifier is the perfect solution to any small problem.

Still unclear on how it works? Don’t worry, it’s simple:

  • 12” lens – Using a 12” HD lens, this product will magnify your phone screen 3-4 times without sacrificing picture resolution.
  • Acrylic screen – Your phone’s picture is enhanced on a quality acrylic screen. The base is made from flexible wood that can be rolled up for easy transport.
  • Gaming – Looking to enhance your mobile gaming experience? Simply attach a Bluetooth keyboard to instantly transform your phone into a gaming setup.

Why you need this – If you’ve ever wanted a larger phone screen, this is the accessory for you. Use this product to watch movies and play games on your mobile device, without straining your eyes for a tiny screen.

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