Valentine’s Day is just around the corner which means love is growing in the air. Pink, red and white hues add a festive touch to shop windows and romantic deals for two are popping up everywhere you look.

Looking for that perfect gift for your special someone? Whether your partner is a chic and sophisticated urban dweller or an adventurous outdoor enthusiast, at RebateKey we have it all.

Let me share with you some ideas:

  • Cotton Socks, a nice pair of socks that can keep someone warm throughout the year will help them think of you. Having socks for the winter months and making sure that you can always keep your feet warm, can be important. When giving socks as a gift, you can give someone a present that signifies warmth.

  • Necklace, jewelry is very durable and can be passed from generation to generation within a family. Besides, jewels are suitable for any age.

  • A Pilates trainer machine, this one is one that you just can’t go wrong with, by using the Pilates machines, combining strength and stretch. It’s a total body workout that feels like a breeze.

  • Art Decor makes a great gift because it is so personal. From the creation of the work itself to choosing a particular piece. Receiving something so unique will without a doubt make the recipient feel very special.

  • Headband, the headband is officially back in fashion, and could possibly be the most stylishly summer-ready accessory of them all. It adds a new level of fun and fashion to so many standard styles, from casual messy long hair to more polished up-styles and everything in between.

  • Sunglasses make great gifts. They're useful, fun, and fashionable, and unlike clothing, you can't offend someone by buying the wrong size.

  • Grill set, you may have the best recipe for the most sumptuous grilled food, but if you don’t have the right utensils for the job, such an endeavor can still end in disaster. A great addition to our gifts for men who love to BBQ.

  • Earbuds are worth it, especially if they are into fitness or travel. The lack of wires provides for a better range of motion, connectivity to a variety of devices and the latest wireless earbuds have great range, memory, and battery life.

  • Hair Clippers is a specialized implement used to cut human head hair. They work on the same principle as scissors but are distinct from scissors themselves and razors. With it, he will always be sharp and in style without having to go and spend money or time in a barbershop.

  • A wallet is a powerful symbol. It is a symbol of wealth, success, and ability, in particular, because it carries money. Therefore, when you gift your boyfriend a wallet, it translates to you wishing them well.

We are sure you will have the perfect Valentine’s day with these gifts and the best part is, that you will get your cashback and use it to treat yourself ;).

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