Here’s a stunning statistic: Amazon rakes in nearly 200 million monthly visitors from around the world. The e-commerce retail site has won the hearts of people from Milwaukee to Myanmar with its incredible deals and special offers. Add to that excellent customer service, fast shipping, and excellent site navigability, Amazon is so synonymous with shopping it’s practically a verb.

But, if you can believe it, merely shopping on Amazon isn’t the only way to get the best deals.

Sure you could spend all afternoon price checking and building a whole spreadsheet of deals. But there’s an easier way. As it turns out, there are Amazon discount sites that will yield even greater savings. If you do your research, you may even benefit by learning how to get free stuff on Amazon!. And with this guide, you can learn some savings hacks to reap the ultimate rewards on your next Amazon purchase.

What is an Amazon Discount Site?

According to, Amazon discount sites “are websites which have been set up specifically for Amazon sellers to showcase their products, boost their sales, and gain those all-important reviews.”

How does that help your pocketbook? In order to do all that, the sites pass savings onto the shopper with deeply discounted Amazon products. All you need is an Amazon discount code to score the lowest price.

How to Get an Amazon Discount:

An Amazon seller may be selling children’s water tables. On Amazon the price is $40.99, but if you use a big discount site, like RebateKey—an online coupon and rebate platform that provides mega savings for users—the price is 50% off.

Have you found yourself asking “How can you use coupons on Amazon?” All you need to do is get the discount code and ultimately save $20.50 is:

  • Create a RebateKey account
  • Find the item you want
  • Select “Buy Product”
  • RebateKey will display instructions
  • Accept the terms and conditions
  • Purchase your product
  • Use the link given to buy the product
  • Receive product order ID for the transaction
  • Return to your RebateKey account, clicks on “Purchases” and tap “Unclaimed”
  • Hit “Confirm Purchase,” and paste in the order ID
  • This will trigger RebateKey to credit their rebate
  • Wait 35 days and then, voila! Get your rebate via check or PayPal

It’s a simple extra step that ends up saving you big time in the checkout line… Well, the virtual checkout line.

How Does RebateKey Make Shopping for Amazon Purchases Easier?

RebateKey was designed to make shopping on Amazon, along with other retailers including, but not limited to, Walmart, Etsy, eBay, and Shopify, as easy, efficient, and affordable as possible. Here’s how this super shopping hack works:

  • Save Time, Save Money – Search for the best deal on Amazon, while a great work distraction, can be time-consuming. RebateKey makes it quick and easy delivering swift results with all the information necessary to know how to get the best deal.

  • Trust You Can Count On – Thanks to RebateKey’s vetting process you can rest assured that all Amazon products come from trusted vendors.

  • Big inventory – With RebateKey you won’t get just a handful of special offers. It offers thousands of products, some with as much as a 100% rebate. That’s essentially free stuff!

  • Cloud Connection – You don’t have to be at your desktop to take advantage of RebateKey deals. The site can be accessed from your iPad or another mobile device.

  • Easy Cancellations – Say you change your mind about a product. Not to worry. With RebateKey you need only notify the seller of the cancellation.

With RebateKey, you’ll quickly forget what paying full price was like.

How do I Find Hidden Deals on Amazon?

Hungry for more hacks? Not to worry, in the world of Amazon, there are all kinds of ways to get the most bang for your buck. A few other pro tips include:

Warehouse Deals

Ever wonder what happens to the used items that are returned to Amazon? They end up in the Amazon warehouse where you can buy them for deep discounts. You just need to visit the Amazon Warehouse landing page to begin shopping.

Choose Another Color

Some Amazon shoppers may have already figured this out, but on the retail site, often choosing a less popular color of something, say a pea green T-shirt over a magenta one, can be cheaper. When shopping for cute clothes on Amazon, take this tip into consideration to score a new fashion item but also score a great deal!

Scoop Savings at the Amazon Outlet

Ever heard of the Amazon Outlet? It’s a lesser-known savings option on the behemoth site. The Amazon Outlet, according to NBC,[3] is a section on Amazon where sellers can sell overstock. The bonus for buyers is that all Outlet items have to have received 3-star ratings, so you know you’ll get quality products at a promotion price.

Save Big with RebateKey

Whether you’re looking for a discount, coupon code, or rebate perks on your favorite Amazon items, these hacks will help you optimize your Amazon shopping. If you have ever asked, “Can you use coupons on Amazon?”, the answer is absolutely! And that’s just the beginning. Get the most for your buck by using them in tandem. And when you’re ready to find the biggest deals—up to 100% rebates—visit RebateKey and start saving!

Let us help you be the savvy shopper you were made to be.


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