The 4th of July means fireworks, barbecues and neighborhood block parties (from a safe distance of course). But in addition to the celebratory activities, the 4th of July also means sales. As some call it, it’s the “Black Friday of July.” These sales are the kick-off to the summer, bringing discounts on furniture, electronics, clothing and all of the goods you’ll need to enjoy the season.

So how do you take advantage of the 4th of July deals near you?

Now is the time to start shopping as many 4th of July sales start weeks before the holiday itself. But before you head out the door, you need to understand the sales game that the retailers play. A little bit of research goes a long way to save you time, money and to get the most out of 4th of July sales this weekend.

How to prepare for 4th of July Sales

You can expect to find discounts on big ticket items in addition to products aligned with the Independence Day spirit. Many retailers celebrate the 4th by discounting items that are both in style for summer and much needed for Fall.

Electronic companies like Dell and Microsoft have already launched deals on computers, laptops, and smart home technology. Home Depot’s 4th of July sale on home appliances, refrigerators, tools, and patio furniture has already begun as well and will last through July 5th.

Everywhere you look you’ll find a holiday sale. So, to sort out the deals from the duds, you have to be prepared before you shop. The first step of this is understanding how 4th of July sales work.

Presales vs Day Of Sales

When it comes to Independence Day, retailers typically start rolling out sales before the holiday. Take a little extra time to scout out the sales before the 4th of July to figure out when to shop. Places like Target are already advertising 25% off discounts on their furniture two weeks ahead of time.

If you’re open to taking chances, you have a small window to potentially save more money by shopping on the 4th of July or the day after. Many sales are implemented on the day itself or even hours before to clear specific inventory like barbecue supplies and red, white and blue themed decor. If you decide to wait, you have the chance to save an additional $10-50 on many purchases.

Prepare by comparing prices

Before you set out on your shopping spree, compare prices across retailers to find the best one. Some stores inflate their original prices to make it look like you are saving a lot more. A little extra research is required to find out what retailers are actually offering the best deal. Sites like make it easy to compare prices across multiple stores and manufacturers.

Know the return policies

When shopping holiday sales, make sure you’re aware of the exchange and return policies. If you see the words “final sale” then don’t expect to return the product after you’ve purchased it. This can be especially important when it comes to big ticket items, like electronics, many of which are on sale during the 4th of July.

Shop seasonal sales

Sales for the 4th of July are the start to discounted seasonal items for next couple of months. That means items that are in high demand, like bathing suits, beach towels and coolers will also be discounted. Take advantage of this time by purchasing products that you will need throughout the season, as opposed to focusing on this weekend alone.

Plan ahead

Along with shopping for the season, you can also save money by purchasing items in lower demand before everyone else does. 4th of July sales bring discounts on electronics, which can be useful to buy before back to school time kicks in. You can shop and save early by planning out what you would buy later in the year and checking if it will be on sale this weekend.

Find your balance

Like with any purchase, you should ask yourself whether you are buying things just because they are on sale, or because you will actually need them. A deal is always great, but if you’re not actually going to use the items, then you’ll end up wasting money as opposed to saving it. Balance your practical sense with your money savvy mind and stick to buying things that meet somewhere in the middle.

Add Additional Savings this Fourth of July by Shopping Online

Not all sales require you to physically shop in the store. 4th of July deals also extend to online shopping.

Companies like Amazon are partaking in the holiday by offering discounts on fashion across the board, including but not limited to American flag themed clothing and bathing suits. RebateKey has slashed prices on toys and games like bubble machines for children to play with during the festivities.

Whatever your style of shopping, we recommend that you take advantage of the 4th of July sales coming up, and extend your new savings knowledge to other sales throughout the year!

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