94% of consumers say they search for deals or offers when they shop online. Unless you are in the 6% that do not, you already understand the value of saving a couple of bucks.

Deals and offers give you great incentive to get something you want or need, but at a lower price. After all, why spend your hard-earned dollars on full-priced items when you can get them for less?

What is even better is, not only are there coupons and offers, but there are also plenty of awesome products that are free after rebate!

Are you wondering how to get free stuff online? Then keep reading! We will give you all the top tips to keep the freebies rolling in.

Follow Companies on Social Media

Chances are, you have at least one social media account. So put it to good use by following all the companies you like!

Often, they will have giveaways or will offer rebates on platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. So if you are constantly on your phone, checking your accounts, put that to work by doing this simple step.

The best thing is, there is no limit to how many companies you can follow, so whichever ones you think of, add them to the list! Make sure you check on your favorites often, as your newsfeed may not always display their promotions.

Follow Products on Social Media

Sometimes, products are so popular that they have their own fan pages on social media. If there are a few items you have had your eye on, add those to your social media lists as well. Dedicated fans will post coupons there, and if you are lucky, they will also find rebates that make the items free!

And like with the companies you have added, you will want to check up on these fan pages often to ensure you are not missing out on any freebies.

Sign up for Loyalty Programs

Is there a brand that you use all the time? Then make sure to sign up for their loyalty programs. Usually, if you have spent a certain amount of money with them, they will reward you for doing so.

While loyalty program discounts are not too impressive for the most part, you never know if the brands will run a promotion and offer a huge rebate for your next purchase to make it free.

Most loyalty programs are free to join, so if you are going to spend money anyway, you should rack up some points to use in the future to make every dollar count.

Check Manufacturer Websites

If you have some spare time on your hands, you can check manufacturer websites to see if they are offering rebates on anything that you have bought recently.

While you still have to initially spend money to get your desired items, with the right rebates, you can technically get it for free. You just have to be able to purchase the product first, then wait for the rebate to go through and for your money to be refunded.

If you are on a tight budget and can not afford to front any money, then this may not be feasible. Instead, you should try out the other methods on this list.

Sign up for Brand Newsletters

On that note, you should also sign up for brand newsletters. You are probably thinking: great, more spam.

That may be somewhat true, so you might want to make a separate email account specifically for brand newsletters, coupons, and offers.

But do not forget about it! Chances are, you will not find the newsletters terribly interesting (if you do, then that is great!). But in these emails, brands may attach coupons and generous rebates, especially when it is around the holidays.

Set up Google Alerts

Do not want to manually check your social media accounts for free offers? Then no problem. You can put Google to work for you instead.

This search engine has a feature where you can set alerts for particular phrases. This is useful if you want to keep up with certain current events.

It is also useful for notifying you about freebies! Simply set up the phrases you want to look out for (such as "rebates Twitter").

You can customize the frequency so you are not too bothered by alerts. Either get them in real-time, or in one neat email a day.

Sign up for a Coupon and Rebate Aggregator

Do not really want to put in the work to find coupons and rebates? Then you can always sign up for an aggregator. Companies like RebateKey will take do all the work for you so it is easy to get rebates on items you buy.

What is even better about these coupon and rebate aggregators is they may also have a Chrome extension for you to use. All you have to do is install it, and whenever you are shopping online, it will let you know about any savings you can get. You will not have to do any extra legwork at all!

Know How to Get Free Stuff Online

Now you know how to get free stuff online. This means you will save tons of money when it comes to things you would normally spend a small fortune on.

Plus, by getting free stuff online, you can try things out before you commit to buying them. By being open to trying new things, who knows, you might just find your next favorite product or brand!

So keep getting those freebies and try out everything you can!

Would you like to get a bunch of rebates and coupons at your fingertips? Then sign up with us now! We will help you manage the entire rebate process so you will not have to worry about a thing.

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