Since 2008, the amount of money Americans spend on holiday presents continues to increase year on year.

You don't have to break the bank with the holidays around the corner. You may think that you'll embarrass yourself if you're too tight this holiday.

Many Americans even report feeling financial stress and anxiety as the holiday season approaches.

But, you're definitely not the only one pinching the pennies this season. Do you want to discover more ways that you can save money on holiday presents this year?

Check out our blog below for more! Let's go!

1. Save on Wrapping Paper

Did you know that between Thanksgiving and New Year's Eve, Americans throw away up to 25 percent more trash?

Why? Obviously, because everyone's buying more stuff. But, also people want to wrap up their gifts to give the receiver a surprise when they open it.

Wrapping paper isn't only bad for the environment. You can also spend a fortune on paper to wrap your holiday presents.

So, think carefully about whether you really need to buy another roll of wrapping paper for the holidays.

You could even reuse last year's wrapping paper. Just carefully unwrap your gifts so nobody will notice when you use it again next year.

Also, wrap your presents in newspapers. This can be any free newspaper that you can get your hands on.

2. Make Homemade Holidays Presents

You can learn from the growing trend of millennials who are perfectly happy to make holiday presents themselves.

Over 40 percent of millennials are happy to make homemade gifts. By contrast, less than one-third of baby boomers say this acceptable.

This creativity craze for homemade gifts allows people to give away meaningful but affordable presents for the holidays.

This holiday you can save money by getting crafty at home. Sending your loved ones amazing gifts that you created yourself.

3. Always Make Yourself a Shopping List

When you make a shopping list for your holiday presents, you're more likely to stick to it.

But, when you simply go from memory, you may end up buying more than need. You could also risk forgetting a present without a list as well.

You could even work out a budget for your holiday shopping. This way you avoid overspending this season.

4. Take Part in a Gift Exchange Instead

If you want to save money on holiday presents this year, you could take part in a gift exchange. This may be called the "Secret Santa" exchange.

This is when you each draw a name of someone in your family or group to buy a present for this holiday. You only buy for one person.

And yet, everyone gets at least one present each. This can save you a lot of money buying presents for everyone.

5. Remember to Shop Ahead of Time

You can quickly overspend your budget if you're shopping for holiday presents at the last minute.

The earlier you start to plan your holiday shopping, the higher the chance that you'll get everything for an affordable price.

Many stores may have special deals around October and November. But, if you wait until the last days of December, you could be in trouble.

6. Shop Online Rather Than Going to the Store

You may not realize that you can usually save a lot of money by buying online rather than heading to the store.

Online stores don't have the same costs as bricks and mortar stores. This allows them to offer even cheaper prices for you this season.

Plus, it's also cheaper to receive a delivery and stay home rather than pay the gas costs of driving to the store. Just simply click and wait to receive your holiday presents.

7. Give Second-Hand Gifts

Many people consider second-hand gifts to be cheap and poor quality. People may even be offended.

But, they shouldn't be. There are tons of amazing second-hand gifts that you could give your loved ones as holiday presents this year.

8. Cut Down Your Gift List

Do you have a long list of friends and family to buy holiday presents for this season?

You don't want to ruin everyone's celebrations, but you simply cannot afford to buy everyone you know presents this season.

That's why you need to have some serious conversations with your friends and family. Agree to have a "children only" rule or say you'll only spend $5 each.

This isn't the conversation you want to have with your loved ones around this time of year. However, you can be confident they'll understand.

9. Shop Around for the Best Deals

When you're shopping online, don't simply go with the first price you see for the purchase you want.

You can always compare it with other websites. Read reviews and compare deals to ensure that you don't spend more than you need to for your present.

If you're shopping on Amazon, learn how to make the most of it.

10. Take Advantage of Coupons

Apparently over 96 percent of consumers use coupons. You don't want to be the lonely one who never takes advantage of these amazing deals.

Check out this blog post to discover how you can make the most of vouchers and coupons for this year's holiday shopping. Be sure to check our new coupon and deals section for savings on major brands and retailers. Check for your favorite stores! We have everything from WSS coupons to Hobby Lobby promo codes. Browse today.

How to Save Money on Holiday Presents

If you have been wondering how to save money on holiday presents this season, now you know our tips and tricks for pinching pennies.

Do you want to explore more ways that you can save money? Check out our website for much more!

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