Did you know that there’s a specific day on which we celebrate the fairy tale literature genre? Well, as crazy as it might sound, it actually exists!! and you can use it as an opportunity to connect in a different and fun way with your little ones.

This genre of literature is, most of the times, in the form of short stories and usually starts with the “once upon a time” phrase, it’s also one of the favorites genres for kids as it includes fantastic, magical, and mystical creatures which encourage your child's imagination. But did you know it wasn't always that way? Before the 17th century, they were written mostly for adults!! These days we totally relate it to kids but as history says, that doesn't mean we as adults can't have fun telling stories too.

Now that you are aware of this fun day, here are some of our suggestions for you to take advantage of this special day to let your imagination go:

We all love parties, right? Well, this is the perfect occasion to organize a fairy tale party where you’ll be able to dress up, let your creativity flow and have lots of fun, in order to get in the mood of a mystical and magic world, these led lights can help you out to create the perfect and fantastic environment for everyone.

You may test your creativity in order to produce the perfect costume to represent your fairy tale character in the best way possible, you can take it as far as you want with this fantastic temporary hair color set, it will allow you to change your hair’s color and experience a whole new style, it’s made out of safe ingredients and easy to wash out with shampoo, so you don’t have to worry about going to work or school with a completely different look. Take yourself to the next level!!

Face paint and a different hair color is the best combo for this mystical day, as you are going to be able to represent as many characters and magical creatures as you wish with these incredible kid-safe supplies, there are no rules for creativity so feel free to express yourself.

Another activity you can take part of for this incredible day is to draw your favorite fairy tale character. This will increase your little one’s interest in this special day and of course, they are going to need some supplies and tools to let their imagination and creativity blow, these multipurpose watercolor brushes are going to help them to paint their amazing creature, but that’s not everything, they also include 24 unique shades of vivid colors to create vibrant watercolor effects, are quick-drying, compact and portable, safe, acid-free, odorless and conforming to safety standards include and it also includes a FREE water blending brush!!

Guess the fairy tale is another excellent option for you to carry out and you all can take it to a whole new level with this water doodle magic drawing mat which is perfect as it comes equipped with different tools to give various creative options and the best part is that you can watch as your images disappear from the mat after a few minutes, the water will evaporate and leave you with a blank canvas once again. It’s magical to watch the images appear and disappear!

Let the stories not only stay in words, call them to action with this incredible teepee tent that will encourage your kids’ imagination, from reading books to acting out playful stories, it encourages them to explore their imaginations while stimulating creativity, coordination, problem-solving and it is also made with excellent quality, so you can continue using it indoor or outdoor even after this day so that they can go to bed and have incredible dreams after having a different and fun time.

And what if after telling a story about dinosaurs you use this fantastic fossil excavation kit? It can be played by adults as well, let yourself feel like a real paleontologist at least for a day and excavate until you find the bones of a dinosaur, the kit is made of non-toxic and high-quality materials that are kid-friendly, it has a smooth surface design, is safe for toddlers, and has passed safety tests. It provides a safe playing environment for your little ones.

It’s all about having an excellent time and celebrating with the ones we love, after all, there’s always going to be a special occasion to spend time with them and what’s better than doing it while you save money! That’s the magic of RebateKey, never pay full price again.

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