For over two decades Old Navy has been outfitting the whole family with classic looks at affordable prices. With an ever-evolving mix of trendy separates, comfortable classics, and kid-tested, parent-approved children’s clothing, it’s a go-to for wardrobe staples. Plus, who can forget their famous kitschy advertisements. (Think: Vogue fashion editor Carrie Donovan and Hollywood starlet Morgan Fairchild sledding down faux hill in Old Navy performance fleece. Classic.)

But perhaps Old Navy’s biggest draw is its prices.

Remarkably budget-friendly, Old Navy deals are the stuff of shopping legend, and nowhere is that more obvious than with the retailer’s Super Cash. The ultimate in discount shopping, Super Cash lets Old Navy shoppers optimize their spending to earn the biggest possible deals. If you are wondering about Old Navy Super Cash then you may also be wondering “How does Kohl’s Cash work?”, which we created a guide for as well.

This quick Old Navy guide explains how to get and how to use Old Navy Super Cash to your shopping advantage.

What is Old Navy Super Cash?

Old Navy Super Cash is cash you earn by spending at Old Navy. For every $25 you spend on an Old Navy qualifying purchase, you earn $10 in Super Cash. So say you bought a winter parka for $40. You just earned yourself your first $10 Super Cash. Cha-ching!

But before that Super Cash starts burning a hole in your pocket, take a pause. Naturally, there’s some fine print you need to know before you try to spend it. Next we’ll lay out all the all important terms and conditions. Buckle up.

How Do You Use an Old Navy Super Cash Coupon?

Ready to spend your Old Navy Super Cash? Then it’s time to take a few notes. First of all, shoppers need to be aware that Old Navy’s Super Cash comes in two formats:

  1. A hard copy coupon handed out at the register
  2. An Old Navy discount Super Cash code received via email for all online purchases

Once you have your Old Navy Super Cash Code in hand, you're ready to apply it to purchases on Old Navy merchandise. Here are some other important details to be know before you start adding items to your cart:

  • Two Time Periods – Super Cash is divided into two time periods: Earning Time and Spending Time. That means Old Navy designates a specific time period when it hands out Super Cash, then announces a specific time period when you can use your Super Cash coupons.

  • Earning Potential – Here’s how the math works. Depending on how much Super Cash you’ve earned, you’ll get $10 off every $25, $20 off every $50, or $30 off every $75 purchase.

  • Big Money – Note that you can’t “double up” on discounts and Super Cash. Super Cash is earned “after all applicable discounts are applied and before tax is imposed” according to Old Navy’s fine print.

  • One and Done – Also, only one Super Cash coupon can be earned per transaction. You can’t spend $100 and expect to get four Super Cash coupons. To get four $10 coupons, you’d have to make four separate $25 purchases.

  • Use It or Lose It – And, naturally, there are rules about what you can and can’t spend your Super Cash on as well. A new T-shirt or cute new women's dresses? No problem. Charitable merchandise? That’s off-limits unfortunately. According to Old Navy’s terms and agreements rules, Super Cash also cannot be applied to “Everyday Steals or gift cards; to reduce customer's Old Navy charge account balance; or to packaging, applicable taxes, or as price adjustments on prior purchases.”

  • What About Returns? – It should be noted that if you return some or all of the merchandise purchased with a Super Cash coupon, the dollar value discount of the Super Cash coupon will not be refunded or credited back.

  • It Adds Up – You can’t combine Super Cash with a coupon, but you can combine up to 3 Super Cash rewards on a single transaction. And you know what that means: huge savings on already affordable prices!

How Do You Activate Your Old Navy Super Cash Online?

The great news is, you can absolutely use your Old Navy Super Cash both in stores and online and you should use it while you can. All Super Cash that’s not used in the designated time period is void.

Feeling the itch to spend? Here’s the best way to use Old Navy Super Cash to maximize your online shopping:

  1. Put products in your cart until you reach $25.
  2. Go to Check Out. Copy and paste in the redemption code from your email. You’ll find it in the Promotions & Rewards field. Then hit “Apply”.
  3. Watch the $10 discount roll in.

Of course, that’s not the only way to save money using Super Cash. Savvy Old Navy shoppers will tell you there are loads of other ways to maximize your saving potential with this coupon. For instance:

  • Shop in-store – Coupon aficionados will tell you that in the case of Old Navy Super Cash, it behooves shoppers to avoid online and purchase in-house at an Old Navy store. Why? Because online Super Cash cannot be applied to all the great deals available within the store.

  • Sign up for text alerts – Don’t want to miss out on getting a deal on a hot new item? Sign up for Old Navy text alerts so you’ll be up to date on new inventory.

  • Follow on social media – Never underestimate the power of social media to save you money. By following Old Navy on Facebook and Instagram, you may get deal notices you might have otherwise missed.

  • Shop during the week – Many shoppers swear that Old Navy is easier to shop during the week before 2 p.m. That’s before the store gets the bulk of its foot traffic and when you can easily find what you’re looking for.

  • Check the site – Did you know Old Navy has a landing page just for its promo codes and deals? It’s never been easier to save money at the store than by visiting this page before you shop.

  • Sale! Check for .47 cents – Fun fact, all price tags ending in .47 indicate a clearance item. So if you see those magic numbers, you’ve got yourself a great deal.

  • Vist on a Monday – According to experts, Sunday and Monday are when most of the markdowns take place. Sneak out of work early or pop by on a lunch break to snag an Old Navy deal!

  • Check your receipt – Remember when the clerk asked you to fill out a satisfaction survey? Well those quick quizzes can actually pay off. Follow the code at the bottom of your receipt and you may receive a coupon for participating.

  • Get free shipping – An Old Navy hack that many in-store shoppers use is if you can’t find what you’re looking for in the store, they’ll ship it to you for free. Pair that with some Old Navy Super Cash and you’ve got yourself a deal.

When Can You Redeem Old Navy Super Cash?

As mentioned before, earning and redemption periods for Old Navy Super Cash are different. The good news is, the company puts out announcements to let shoppers know when you can redeem that hard earned Super Cash.

The caveat, of course, is that you must use it within the redemption period.

Typically Old Navy runs earning periods for up to four weeks before offering a Super Cash redemption time. During the earning period, you can earn more Super Cash. As for when to know when to spend it, the best way to find out when you can drop some Super Cash coupons is to stay tuned to emails, text alerts, and web page notifications that a Super Cash spend time has begun.

Do You Have to Spend Money to Use Old Navy Super Cash?

Technically, the answer to that question is yes.

The idea is you’re getting money off of a purchase, meaning you’d have to spend some money to get cash off. That said, you can use it with sales, regular, and clearance items.

That said, you cannot combine Super Cash with another Old Navy coupon or promo code. We understand the urge, but throwing a $5 coupon on top of that pile of new threads you're looking to mark down with Super Cash voids the Super Cash discount. If you want to use any additional coupons you may have, those will have to be separate transactions. You may of course use a gift card with your Old Navy Super Cash code at checkout.

Pro tip: Now would be a good time to ask some friends to go shopping with you!

Shop Smarter, Save Big

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