In just a few minutes, we will show you how to increase Etsy sales and how we ranked this product on Etsy to #2 and received the best Etsy seller badge in just a few weeks…

But first, let’s start with the basics.

So you just listed your product on Etsy and are ready to start selling like crazy!

The problem is you don't have any reviews or traffic, and not sure what keywords to rank for. So, what do you do to increase your Etsy rank?

You need to create a great relevant product listing. That means excellent images and content to boost your Etsy rank.

So how do you do this effectively with your Etsy store?

First, start by going through Etsy’s Seller Handbook and in particular The Ultimate Guide to Etsy Search. to get your basics on Etsy search engine best practices. These Etsy seller guides will walk you through Etsy store best practices, Etsy account resources, shop policies, product title or listing title tips, Etsy tags and how they work, the Etsy search algorithm for relevant listings, how your listing quality score will affect your Etsy rank, and other Etsy SEO tips to maximize your SEO strategy. Remember, these Etsy search engine criteria are meant to help both the shopper and the seller.

Then, look at your competitors. See the words they use in their Etsy shop titles and descriptions. Make sure you use the relevant keywords that you want to rank for.

Tip: You may want to use Google AdWords Keyword Planner Tool to deep dive into relevant keywords. In terms of keyword tool options, this is the best one to use to use for your keyword research and to optimize your Etsy search results. You can also search around to find an Etsy keyword tool as well.

In our case study, we tried to rank our listing for “metal address sign.” This means we needed to update our listing to have this exact matching phrase in the title and description of our listing. Why? This gives us keyword relevancy and enhances our Etsy SEO.

Can you have multiple keywords for a new product? Yep, but start with the main ones.

It’s not enough to optimize your product description and listing for keywords to rank.

Our experiments have shown that ranking on Etsy is based on the daily sales history of an item for 14-30 days attributed to a particular keyword or set of keywords.

So in order to rank, you need to get consistent sales for 14+ days. And your sales need to come from people searching for your targeted keywords on the Etsy platform.

How do you do that?

Well, it's simple. RebateKey offers Etsy sellers the ability to drive full-priced sales to their listings using cashback rebates. With over 500k buyers already shopping on Rebatekey, it's easy to list your products with cashback incentives for a potential buyer to rank higher.

Is it really that easy?


How do I make the potential customers that come from help me rank for my targeted keyword(s)?

Well, here is the trick: You need to create an Etsy Super URL

And here’s how to make it…

First, you search Etsy for your product using your targeted keyword; in our case, it is “metal address sign”... Just go to and type your keyword. Then scroll down and go through as many pages as you need to find your product through that search.

Note: If for some reason you can not find your product, it means the keyword is still not indexing for your product, and you may want to generate a few sales with a direct link to the product.

Now, when you find your product point your mouse to it, right-click and copy the link, it should look something like that:

As you can see, our keyword is in the URL and also our search position (7) is there…

Next, change this URL, change 7 to 1. So that you get this:

Now, you need to shorten the link… you can use bitly… or even better, you can create a Twitter link and it will look like your traffic is coming from Twitter…. Simply go to Twitter, paste the link, publish it, then right-click and copy a nice twitter link, it will look something like this:

Use this link in your RebateKey campaign to help bump up your product in the Etsy algorithm.

Next up, you need to send traffic that buys your handmade products and converts…

That’s where RebateKey comes in.

List your Etsy product for sale on in less than 5 minutes.

Follow these steps or watch this video on how to create a Rebate Key campaign.

  1. Sign up for a Free Rebate Key Seller Account
  2. Create a new campaign

    a. Enter your product name or title ex. Metal Address Sign

    b. Copy and paste your products description into the description section

    c. Choose the product category

    d. Select your marketplace as Etsy

    e. Enter your Brand Name

    f. Unique ID - Use SKU or UPC

    g. Click Continue

  1. Upload your images and arrange them with the main image first
  2. Then create your settings

    a. Enter your Retail price

    b. Price after rebate (make it free if you want to rank fast!) c. Choose a start day and time

    d. Rebates per day. This one is important, you need to sell as many per day as your top competitors. If you think they sell 10 per day, then use 10 per day for 14 days.

    e. Choose “run indefinitely” if you want to monitor it or at least choose an end date 14 days out or more. We suggest just indefinite and turn off manually.

    f. Product URL, this is where you will enter the Etsy Super URL you created earlier.

    g. Choose your main buyer keyword phrases “Metal Address Sign”

    h. Choose free shipping if you offer it.

RebateKey will bill you each day to replenish the rebates that have been claimed that day. We act as the escrow company between the seller and the buyer making sure the buyers get their cashback rebates for the products they purchased.

How do we make money? Simple, we charge a flat $2.95 per rebate claimed. You won’t pay any fees if no one buys your product and all your rebate money would be refundable.

Once the campaign is live on RebateKey buyers will claim the offers and purchase on your Etsy shop. Then they will come back to Rebate key and enter their order ID’s for you to cross-check.

You will have 30 days to review the order IDs before rebates are automatically paid out to the buyers. Should you have a buyer that returns or cancels the rebate before we send the money, you can dispute the payment and provide proof.

This way, as an Etsy seller you can rest assure your buyers did not get the rebate money without making a real purchase.

In our case study, we ranked this Metal Address sign from position 35 to position 2 in 14 days

Is there a catch for these Etsy tips? Nope!

The most important thing to remember as an Etsy shop owner is that you are using RebateKey to promote your products. Real buyers will see it and make real purchases. However, you need to make sure your deal is really good if you want to have 10+ people a day claim your products.

Meaning, don’t offer potential shoppers standard 10-20% rebates, you need to make it enticing. Many sellers will over 70-100% rebates because they care about getting the sales they need fast so they can rank higher in Etsy’s organic search results.

So what now?

Just sit back, relax and let Rebate Key drive full-priced sales on your Etsy listing for the next few weeks while your rank climbs and you start selling even more organically.

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