You could spend as much as $17,000 on your baby just in the first year of their life.

Saving money for unexpected expenses can be difficult when your budget goes to the essential items.

The good news is there are opportunities to lower the cost of having a child when you can get free baby stuff from RebateKey.

Read on to find out how to get your baby gear at no cost to you (free after rebate).

How Does RebateKey Get You Free Baby Stuff?

If you are looking for free baby stuff online your best option is to search RebateKey's inventory.

Here you will find sellers from Amazon, eBay, and Shopify who offer their products with up to 100 percent rebates. Offers have an expiration date, so they only last a few days.

Sellers use RebateKey to promote new products and get their brand noticed. You reap the rewards by paying for them at a huge discount and sometimes at no cost.

Each product will show you how much you will need to pay for the product at checkout. Then it gives you the percent you will receive back after your rebate in the form of a mailed check or through PayPal.

Making an Account

To get the newest free baby stuff 2019 all you have to do is make an account. You will need to enter your full name and mailing address to make sure your rebate check gets sent to you.

Enter your cell phone number to get a text from RebateKey. This is needed to verify that you are located within the United States.

Create a secure password to access your account and click sign up. That is all you have to do to start shopping for free baby stuff.

Searching for Baby Gear

Once you have an account, you can start searching for free baby stuff near me to get your purchased shipped to you quickly.

Log in to your dashboard to search by category, price, marketplace (like Amazon), or for a specific item. Then sort your search by highest or lowest price or rebate, the percentage of the rebate, or by the oldest or newest item.

There is a category just for baby products, including bibs, diaper bags, stuffed animals, and keepsakes. These items change just as quickly as your babies grow, so check back often for new deals and products.

Once you click on the product, you will see how much you will save with the current rebate offer. You will also notice the deal's expiration date and how many of the product is left to buy.

Buying Your Baby Products

When you find the product you want to buy you will be redirected to the web site of origin like eBay or Walmart. But first read through the term and conditions page.

You are not allowed to resell rebated items. If you are caught doing so your account will be suspended and your rebates will be canceled.

It is against the rules to create more than one account per household and to use a rebate twice on the same item.

Make sure that you buy the product at full price. Do not use a coupon code because the rebate only works on full-price items.

Click on the buy button on the third-party web site to get free baby stuff, and just pay shipping fees through the merchant. Be sure to save your order number for your rebate.

Getting Your Rebate

You have one hour to return to RebateKey's website to put in the order number and confirm that you made a purchase.

If you can't find the item that you bought, go to the unclaimed tab on your dashboard to locate any products that need confirmation. You can also cancel the purchase, buy it, message the seller, or view your conversation from this tab.

Your purchase will be sent to the seller after a 30-day holding period. This ensures that the product is not returned. Returned items aren't approved.

After the 30-day waiting period, the seller has five days to confirm your purchase using your order number as a reference. If they do not take action after five days the order is automatically approved.

Once the purchase is approved for your baby product it will be credited to your account. You will then receive a check in the mail for the rebate amount. Use PayPal for quicker processing time after your first check is issued.

You can get your rebates sent weekly or monthly. For daily deposits, there is a fee of $1 for checks and $.30 for PayPal.

Using Your Rebates Wisely

Getting free baby stuff by mail is always exciting when you get a rebate to go along with it. Just make sure you use your rebates wisely.

You only get five rebates a day and 50 per month so choose high-rebate items that you need.

Also, remember to check back for items as the list of products change every minute. If you see an item is out of stock, you can set a notification alarm when and if more of the product arrives.

While browsing items, you can save your favorite baby products by clicking on the heart icon in the top right corner. Don't take too long to decide though as items are limited.

Start Saving with RebateKey

If you just had a new baby then you know how valuable free baby stuff can be with your tight budget. Why not save as much money as possible by simply shopping through RebateKey?

Get started by making an account today.

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