To play in the big leagues of extreme couponing, you have to know how to handle the most significant player in the game—Walmart. With a few tips, tricks, and this guide on how to extreme coupon at Walmart, the Goliath of great deals will fall at your feet. Get your coupon binder ready!

Know The Walmart Coupon Policy

Strategizing how to coupon at Walmart starts with knowing how to play by their rules. You need to study Walmart’s store coupon policy closely. Knowing the manufacturer’s coupon policy will help you avoid major rookie pitfalls like:

Trying to Stack Coupons– Stacking coupons, or using multiple store coupons for one item, is accepted at many stores but not at Walmart.

Coupon Price Matching – Walmart used to match competitor coupon prices for any item—but those happy days of savings are over for serious couponers. Walmart has not supported coupon price matching since 2017.

Messing Up Manufacturer Coupons – At Walmart, you can only use one manufacturer coupon per item. If you want to buy three hairdryers, you’ll need to have three separate manufacturer’s coupons—one for each hairdryer.

What The Manager Says, Goes

When it comes to accepting one or multiple coupons, Walmart has a built-in safety net for their employees. The coupon policy states, “Store managers have the final decision in taking care of customers.” That means it’s up to the store manager to determine whether you can use multiples of the same coupon in one transaction. You’ll also need manager approval to:

  • Use four or more similar or duplicate coupons in one transaction
  • Apply a coupon code for $5 off or more
  • Redeem more than $50 worth of coupons in one transaction
  • To use a coupon code that gives a percentage off your entire bill

Set yourself up for couponing success by being kind to cashier workers, letting others with smaller amounts of items go in front of you, and bringing a copy of Walmart’s coupon policy with you, just in case.

Pick the Right Time to Shop

Another way to get on the manager’s good side is by taking a shopping trip outside of peak hours. When the place is packed, Walmart staff will be more likely to move you along so they can serve the crowds (before they riot). But when you’re the only shopper in the whole store, workers will be less hurried and can take the time to help you apply your multiple coupons. A key aspect of understanding how to become an extreme couponer is the ability to read the sales attendant, show consideration, and create a connection in that short amount of time.

Here are the best times to shop at Walmart:

Avoid the First of the Month – According to couponing experts, the first of the month is the busiest time for Walmart shoppers. Wait a few days after the first to tackle that shopping list and put forth your extreme couponing.

Stay Home on Sundays – Don’t leave your grocery-buying for the week until the last minute. The busiest time in Walmarts across the country is Sunday afternoon.

Shop in the Mornings – For big shopping hauls, avoid the crowds by doing your Walmart buying as soon as the store opens. Retail researchers at Forbes say that overall, the quietest times to shop are Wednesday and Thursday mornings.

Shop Smart in the Clearance Items

As an extreme couponer, you know the sweet thrill of success when you pair a clearance sale item with a store coupon to maximize savings. But sometimes, that clearance rack looks pretty sparse. The beginning of the month is the best time to get the most of the clearance section.

Here’s why:

The end of the month is when Walmart needs to make room for new merchandise. Walmart does this by putting the older items on the clearance racks to make room for the new merchandise. That’s why the first week of the month is the best time to make the most out of your clearance coupons.

There’s An App For That

Make sure you stay up-to-date when it comes to fantastic Walmart savings by downloading the Walmart app. You’ll also get immediate access to mobile coupons for your next shopping trip.

Walmart, Your Destination for Overages

Overages are the Holy Grail of extreme couponing. An overage occurs when a coupon gives you more savings than the value of the item. As an example, let’s say you have a $10 off coupon for an item that only costs $5 at Walmart. If you present the $10 promo code, the store will credit that extra $5 to your overall bill or give you the money in cash.

The best part? Walmart is one of the few stores that allow coupon overage, making it a dream for extreme couponers. As you strategize your coupons for incredible savings, keep this in mind.

Win Big at Walmart with Extreme Couponing

Knowing how to extreme coupon at Walmart takes time, strategy, patience, and organization. But with these tips, you’ll be on your way to becoming a master of extreme couponing at Walmart. So what are you waiting for? Grab your coupons and start saving!

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