Kohl’s cash is the currency of the bargain shopper.

What could be more fulfilling than gathering savings while you spend? Although Kohl’s Cash may not be legal tender or actual cash, it certainly comes in handy for those who love a good deal.

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Though its name is known by many, the way Kohl’s cash works can actually be elusive to newcomers. There are a few basic elements to the Kohl’s Cash system, such as earning and redeeming, but the nuances of this budget-friendly idea can be a bit confusing.

If you’re looking to save a little money during your next shopping spree, we are ready to answer all your questions like "How does Kohl’s cash work?". Here’s everything you need to know about Kohl’s Cash.

What is Kohl’s Cash?

Kohl’s Cash is money that can only be used to make purchases at Kohl’s. This means it cannot be exchanged for any actual money, nor can it be used anywhere else. Kohl’s cash is different from a Kohl's coupon or a Kohl's charge card.

Kohl’s Cash is essentially a coupon or gift card with more benefits. There are few restrictions on Kohl’s Cash. It can be applied to the total cost of nearly any purchase made at Kohl’s, and it can be saved up to greater amounts of savings than most coupons will offer.

But, how does Kohl’s cash work exactly?

How Much Do You Have to Spend to Use Kohl’s Cash?

The first step to getting a grasp on the Kohl’s Cash system is understanding how to obtain it. One of the nice things about Kohl’s Cash is that you don’t need to spend a lot to earn a decent amount. Kohl’s Cash is based on a basic equation:

  • If you spend $50 (real cash) you earn $10 (Kohl’s Cash). Simple, right?

The savings don’t stop there, however. With every $50 increase in your purchase, you earn another $10 Kohl’s Cash:

  • A $100 item earns you $20 Kohl’s Cash.
  • A $150 item earns you $30 Kohl’s Cash

You get the idea. You get extra Kohl’s Cash.

This means the more you spend, the more you earn—which is basically a dream for anyone who really loves Kohl’s. While there is a maximum amount of Kohl’s Cash you can earn, it’s actually a whopping $1500 per purchase, which is surprisingly high compared to coupons offered at other stores.

In terms of earning your rightful Kohl’s Cash, you may be wondering exactly how strict the rules are for the loyalty program. For example, if you purchase a $48 item, it would be crazy if you didn’t earn any Kohl’s Cash. After all, you’re still spending money, and not every purchase is going to come out to a perfectly even total.

Fortunately, Kohl’s offers a little leeway here. Purchases that hover within two dollars of the $50 minimum are considered eligible for redeeming Kohl’s cash. So if you’re swinging by Kohl’s to pick up $98 worth of clothes, don’t worry—you’ll get your $20 worth of Kohl’s Cash.

When Can You Earn Kohl’s Cash?

This is one of the trickier elements of the Kohl’s Cash rewards program procedure.

Kohl’s Cash cannot be earned at any time. Instead, Kohl’s sets specific periods of time when Kohl’s Cash can be earned. These earning periods tend to last around a week or so.

While this may sound a bit disheartening for a frequent Kohl’s shopper in search of a great deal, it’s easy to think of this idea like a sale or a Kohl’s promo code. Keep an eye out for earning periods, and schedule your shopping spree then. This will allow you to:

  • Plan – You’ll know ahead of time when the Kohl’s earning period will be. This means you can craft a list of everything you need and ensure you don’t forget anything important.
  • Save – This is probably going to be a big shopping spree, so you don’t want to go into it without a good amount of money set aside.
  • Earn More – Waiting to complete all your Kohl’s shopping at one time will provide you with a much larger haul, which means—you guessed it—more Kohl’s Cash.

Normal earning periods follow the standard exchange, $10 Kohl’s Cash per $50 purchase. Alternatively, though, some promotional periods offer even greater deals:

  • Occasionally, Kohl’s will run a deal that allows $5 Kohl’s cash to be redeemed for every $25 spent, which is great for picking up smaller items.
  • On Black Friday the amount of Kohl’s cash earned per $50 purchase is bumped up to $15 (making those long lines worth it!).

While Kohl’s Cash isn’t a year-round benefit, it certainly comes in handy when it is being offered.

So, now that you’ve earned your Kohl’s Cash, what’s next?

How Do You Redeem Kohl’s Cash?

Just like earning periods, Kohl’s Cash can only be redeemed during a certain window of time.

The good news is that redemption periods typically come the week following a Kohl’s Cash earning period. The Kohl’s Cash system may be tricky, but it’s definitely not random.

This means you’ll need to be crafty while planning your shopping sprees using your Kohl’s Cash coupon. Need to pick up some essentials for yourself? Do that during the earning period. Need a gift for a loved one that’s on the pricier side? Save that for the redemption period, and use the Kohl’s Cash you earned the week prior. The system is a bit intricate, but it’s nothing an experienced Kohl’s clearance bargain hunter can’t handle.

Plus, it gives you an excuse to shop with your rewards cash and a time period to do it.

What Can I Buy With Kohl’s Cash?

Kohl’s cash can be used for nearly any brand and any item sold at Kohl’s. This is what sets Kohl’s Cash apart from other Kohl’s discounts, coupons and sales. While most deals are only applicable to certain items, Kohl’s Cash offers savings on even the most high-end electronics, designer brands, and any other luxury item you can think of.

Kohl’s cash does have a couple restrictions, however. It can not be used to:

  • Put money on a Kohl’s gift card.
  • Pay off the balance on an in store credit card.
  • Purchase Kohl's merchandise from their charitable lines like Kohl's Cares.

Basically, Kohl’s cash is meant to be used for normal, physical items. The plus side is, this includes sale and clearance items, which can increase your savings even more.

Kohl’s Cash, Coupons, and Savings

Speaking of savings, Kohl’s Cash can also be used in conjunction with Kohl’s coupons.

The only catch here is that the coupon will be applied after the Kohl’s Cash is deducted from the total amount. This means that a 20% off coupon will be calculated into the new total, post-Kohl’s Cash. This sets Kohl’s apart from other department stores, which often restrict the use of multiple coupons at once.

Another upside to Kohl’s Cash is its effect on sales tax. While other stores’ coupons are often calculated after taxes, Kohl’s Cash is actually taken into account before. This means that the sales tax on your item is going to be a percentage of the reduced price, which can potentially be a lot lower depending on how much Kohl’s Cash you’re stacking.

You Can Stack Kohl’s Cash?

That’s right, Kohl’s Cash can be stacked.

This means that multiple Kohl’s Cash “bucks” can be used together to increase the deals for one purchase. The limit for stacking Kohl’s Cash is four bucks, so you can save up to $40 at one time using Kohl’s Cash alone (and potentially more with coupons).

What are Yes2You Rewards?

Another subset of the Kohl’s savings realm is a points system called Yes2You Rewards. This is a program that allows shoppers to collect points with every purchase they make. Like Kohl’s Cash, the Yes2You Rewards operate on a simple equation: one point is collected for every dollar spent, and a $5 discount is awarded for every 100 points.

The difference between Kohl’s Cash and Yes2You Rewards is that Yes2You is not limited to a certain time frame. Yes2You points can be collected at any time, with any purchase. So if you’re skeptical about the restrictions that come with Kohl’s Cash, this is a great solution to those worries.

Using Yes2You points and Kohl’s Cash together is another smart way to double your savings. At the first of the month, you will receive your $5 reward for every hundred points saved. If you save these rewards along with Kohl’s Cash, you can potentially do some heavy duty couponing and save big on your next Kohl’s shopping spree.

Can I Use Kohl’s Cash Online?

The answer is yes.

While Kohl’s Cash has been around for quite some time, that doesn’t mean it’s fallen behind in terms of technology. Traditionally, Kohl’s Cash was given to customers by the cashier in the form of a large dollar shaped “buck” with it’s amount printed on the front. However, Kohl's mobile app has simplified this process greatly.

The Kohl’s app offers a digital wallet feature. This allows you to:

  • Store your Kohl’s Cash directly on your phone.
  • Use Kohl’s Cash for online orders.
  • Pay in store using your smartphone.
  • Never forget your Kohl’s Cash at home.

Kohl’s Cash earned in store will reflect immediately in your digital wallet. Online orders, however, may take up to 24 hours to show new earnings in your Kohl’s Cash balance. Don’t worry, though. Due to the time span between earning and redemption periods, this will never be an issue.

Is Kohl’s Cash Worth It?

The bottom line is: if you’re a frequent Kohl’s shopper, and you love saving money, Kohl’s Cash is going to be worth it.

While the system may be a little tricky to understand, it’s going to come in handy once you’re familiar with how it works. Kohl’s Cash is a great way to earn rewards while shopping, and the more you shop the more you’re going to save in the long run.

Earning and redemption periods may not be ideal, but for the holiday season, summer sales, and general bargain hunting, using Kohl’s Cash can save you a ton.

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