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When it comes to online shopping, Amazon is the first choice for many of us. In a 2017 report, 76% of Americans who shop online said they would do most of their holiday shopping on Amazon. And why would not we, with the great products and offers they have for these dates?

Shopping on Amazon will not only let us save on gas and time but, the site also offers great deals. We can save a lot with its many discount coupons and holiday sales. We can even start doing our grocery shopping at the online store with just one click!

I know by now you are thinking about buying your groceries on Amazon (we are, too). Yet, you are not sure how you can do it in the best cost-cutting way. Do not worry, read on below for some helpful tips on buying edibles on this marketplace.

1. Save Big by Buying Groceries on Amazon

Amazon is #2 in the list of top world’s largest retail companies in 2018. Its acquisition of Whole Foods helped a lot to bump up its popularity and revenues. As Whole Foods is a part of Amazon now, you can get a discount when you buy select items from Whole Foods.

There are other great rebates for shopping on Amazon too. Depending on the price of your item, Amazon has virtual coupons that let you save up to $10 off. If you want to see a list of Amazon’s today's deals, check out the coupons section on the website.

2. Use ‘Prime Now’ for 2-Hour Grocery Delivery

A big advantage of doing grocery shopping is that you get to handle your groceries in an instant. For some online grocery stores, it can take a whole day or more to deliver your groceries. With Prime Now, it can take less than 2 hours.

All you need to do is download the app and place your order. You can choose the free delivery which has a two-hour delivery window. Or, you can pay $7.99 per order to get your delivery within one hour.

Remember to check if Prime Now is available in your city. If it is not, get Amazon Fresh instead. It is a subscription grocery delivery service where you can get Whole Foods delivery too!

3. Prime Pantry Lets You Save Money on Food Items

Are you looking for a way to get a good discount on food items? Amazon’s Prime Pantry lets you get a price cut reaching up to 30%. It lets you save money on non-perishables that cost more to ship individually.

All you need is a Prime membership and a list of food items. You will also need $4.99 for free shipping on orders of $10 or more. If your order won’t total to $10, you will need to pay for a shipping fee worth $5.99.

4. Get 20% Discounts with ‘Amazon Family’

Everyone knows that it is not easy to have a family of your own. Other than emotional and mental stress that comes with raising kids, you have financial stress to think about too. Amazon can also assist you with financial matters.

All you need to do is buy at least 5 qualifying baby items. You need to set up a recurring shipment, so the discount may not register at first. When it does, you get a 20% markdown. There is no doubt that Amazon is one of the best places for online shopping deals. You can also check for the best internet deals. It supports the Amazon marketplace and has a list of great deals that Amazon offers.

5. Score Big on Grocery Savings with ‘Subscribe & Save’

Buying groceries on Amazon is easier than going to the local grocery store to buy what you need. One, as we mentioned above, you do not have to take the time and gas to go out anymore. Two, you can always get deals on the things you buy. With ‘Subscribe & Save’, you can even forget about 5 things you always need to shop for. These can include everyday essentials like toilet paper, pet food, and laundry detergent. Set these 5 items to your monthly subscription and get up to 15% off on auto-deliveries.

6. Convert Loose Change into an ‘Amazon Gift Card’

Amazon is one of the best sites for shopping online to save money. Why not share the benefit and give them (or yourself) an electronic gift card for Amazon? All you need is some loose change and a grocery store with a Coinstar machine.

After you leave the grocery store, chances are you have got loose change in your pockets. Go to a Coinstar machine and slide your coins in. Request an Amazon e-gift card for free to use on your next Amazon grocery shopping.

7. Amazon Offers a Free Month of Prime for ‘Late Prime Shipments’

It is rare that Amazon’s shipping services come late. As a top online store, it has to make sure that its deliveries arrive at their destinations without delay. Yet, when they do and you are a Prime user, they settle the late delivery in a very awesome way.

They settle it by giving you a free month of Prime. Even if they are a day late, Amazon will still give you one free month of premium membership upon request. Considering that a month’s premium subscription costs $12.99, it is more than enough compensation for a late shipment.

The real challenge here is paying attention to any delayed shipment. People often get a ballpark estimate of the date of arrival and forget about it until it arrives. The smart way to do it is to track the shipment for late arrivals then request for the free month for any that do come late.

Enjoy Grocery Shopping with Amazon

Do not hesitate to follow these tips when buying groceries to help you find Amazon deals. Even when we are not on a budget, taking the time and effort to save money when we can is always a wise move.

For more helpful content on online shopping, feel free to check our other guides for the best deals today on Amazon, Walmart, and other online marketplaces. You can also get in touch with us for questions and clarifications.

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