Are you taking advantage of online freebies? If not, you are probably overpaying.

There is a lot of free stuff online you can find with minimal effort. With a bit more diligence, you can get hundreds of dollars worth of stuff for free! There are tons of websites that specialize in giveaways and free products. We will talk about a few of them here, and we will give you 10 ways to get free stuff online:

1. Take Advantage of Giveaway Sites

As we said, there are a ton of sites specialized to giveaways. Keep an eye out for scams though. If you are ever asked to enter a credit card - stay away! Here are some of our favorites:

WomenFreebies specializes in all kind of stuff for women. Enjoy free makeup samples, books, and much more!

PinchMe occasionally sends out boxes of full-sized products. They look for reviews in return, but it's still full-sized products with no money down.

FreakyFreddies lets you divide up your freebies by categories. We think that is pretty cool.

2. Always Check Craigslist

Craigslist is a great place to find free stuff! Sometimes you need to get rid of something, and Craigslist is the place it goes. To stay safe, always meet in a public place, and never give out personal information online. You're picking up something free, so never give out credit card information. And remember with anything on Craigslist, if it seems too good to be true, it probably is. To take advantage, just keep an eye on the free section on your local Craigslist. You can also look for free stuff on the app LetGo.

3. Check Out Sample Boxes from Major Retailers

Did you know that Target and Walmart both offer sample boxes? They are not exactly free, per se, but they are a great deal. Each box comes with about $30 worth of products, and you get an entire box worth. For Target, prices range from $7 to $15. For Walmart, you receive a box every three months for a flat $5 shipping fee. Products range from beauty to baby, toys and more.

4. Always Take Advantage of Reward Programs

Companies offer rewards programs to keep regular customers. So if you plan on going back to the same place more than once, sign up for the rewards program. They are pretty much always free, but they can save you big bucks. Sign up for places like hotels, which can get you a free room, or gas stations, which give you discounts on gas. These are both great options for anyone who likes to travel a lot.

5. Pay Attention To Community Marketplaces

Facebook has a community marketplace that specializes in your neighborhood. It works a lot like Craigslist, but sometimes it can see more action. People typically use Facebook a lot more than Craigslist. You can also look into other community marketplaces like Nextdoor. Or check out apps like LegGo and Decluttr. Sometimes people post free items in these marketplaces as well.

6. Take Advantage of Rebates

While this may take money upfront, you can get it back, giving you free items! Rebates can get you anywhere from 10% to 100% back on some items.You didn’t misread that last can get some products completely free after rebate. You can even get rebates from your favorite retailers like Jet and Amazon. This can help you save money on groceries. You can learn more about how rebates work here.

7. Sign Up For Sample Products

Companies love handing out free samples just as much as you enjoy getting them! Whenever possible, sign up for free samples from companies. Walgreens, Ultra Beauty, and more like to hand out samples. Check out for more ideas. They have a great list of companies where you can sign up for free samples.

8. Use Your Free Trials

What is better than Netflix? Free Netflix. Whenever you can, take advantage of the free trial. But always remember to set a reminder in your phone two days before the trial ends so you have time to cancel. This way, you get to enjoy a product for the free trial period, and never pay a dime!

9. Don't Neglect Your Library Card

A library card is the most neglected free online resource available. You can borrow e-books and audiobooks, movies and tv shows. You can play games and learn from online resources. Some library cards also have free museum passes or access to programs like Rosetta Stone. If you do not already have a library card, get one today. Start taking advantage of this little treasure trove.

10. We Love Food Holidays

What do National Ice Cream Day, National Pizza Day, and National Beer Day have in common? Free samples and great discounts! We love our national food days, so take advantage of them! Most foods have a national holiday. Restaurants around the country give freebies and discounts for the celebrated food. Keep an eye out for the food holidays coming up and take advantage of the great discounts.

Many places offer the discount in-store - no coupons or promos required. But it does not hurt to keep an eye out for special discounts online.

There Are Plenty of Ways to Find Free Stuff Online

This is just a starting point, but maybe you will get the bug for finding free stuff online. Why do marketers give away stuff? Easy. Marketing. If you find a product you like, marketers hope you will buy it again. Maybe you'll find something you love! But even if you do not, you can at least enjoy knowing you got your swag online for free. Ready to take advantage of online rebates with your favorite sellers like Jet and Amazon? Sign up today!

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