Christmas is right around the corner. Is your house ready? Americans spend about $6 billion on Christmas decorations to get their home festive for this holiday.

Wondering what Christmas items you need? Make your house festive and deck your halls this holiday season with these essential Christmas decorations.

Christmas Tree

A Christmas tree is probably the most important decoration in your home. First, you need to decide if you want a real or artificial tree. How do you decide?

Real trees will make your home smell like pine but can be messy. There are plenty of artificial trees available at all price points, colors, and sizes. 

Tree Decorations

Once you have your tree, you need to decorate it. You can find a variety of ornaments to match your color scheme. If you have pets or children, you may want to choose plastic ornaments over glass ornaments. 

For live trees, do not forget a tree stand, so you can keep your tree watered. Most artificial trees will come with a stand.

Do not forget to add your lights before you start adding your decorations. If you chose an artificial tree, you can find ones that are pre-lit, so you do not have to stress over the tangling light cords.

Tree Skirt

Whether you have a live or artificial tree, you want to cover the base with a prettier tree skirt. It could also help contain your pine needles if you have a live tree. Make sure you get a skirt large enough to put the presents on!

Tree Topper

You can choose a traditional angel or star to top your Christmas tree. There are other options if this is not your style. Get a large bow on top or get some picks to stick out the top. 

This is your Christmas tree, so choose something that matches your style—traditional or modern. 


Along with your Christmas tree, stockings are a Christmas tradition and staple. You can hang them from your fireplace or add them to a doorknob.

You do not have to put a nail in your fireplace mantel if you hang from a weighted stocking hanger. Make sure these hangers are sturdy enough to handle stuffed stockings or you will have to lay them in front of the fireplace.


Do not forget some Christmas candles. You can choose scented ones or just decorative. There are so many Christmas scents to choose from including pine, peppermint, cinnamon, and holiday spice.

No matter what kind of candle you have, you should always be safe when burning them. Never leave lit candles unattended.

Nativity Scene

If you want to celebrate the religious part of Christmas, you may want to display a nativity scene. You can add this small arrangement on your fireplace mantel or on a shelf. These figures should be kept out of reach if you have children.

Advent Calendar

You can countdown to Christmas in style with a beautiful advent calendar. If you have children, you can find advent calendars to store little treats for each day as you count down. You can still have fun counting down to Christmas with a variety of calendars and add to the excitement.


A wreath is one of the most important parts of decorating the outside of your home. You can also use wreaths inside for decorating like on the other side of your door or above your fireplace.

If you are creative, make your own wreath. You can also get a live wreath for your front door, which will last the entire season with the colder temperatures.

Outdoor Lights

You do not have to go Clark Griswold-style with outdoor lights. Choose between white lights, colored lights, or a combination. You can wrap your trees or wrap lights around your banister, door, from your roof, or front bushes.

Lawn Figures

Complement your Christmas lights with some lawn figures. You can choose between traditional styles like reindeer or get more modern styles like Disney or blow-up figures. You can also add additional lights to your lawn figure to make shine brighter.

Christmas Mat

Replace your traditional welcome mat with a Christmas-themed mat to set the holiday spirit as you enter your home. You can find some great mats for great prices on sites like Amazon and save money.


Garland is another decoration that you can use indoors or outdoors. You can wrap the garland around your stair banister, fireplace mantel, or front porch railings. Wrap garland around your doors or windows for additional greenery.

You can purchase real or artificial garland just like Christmas trees. To avoid a mess, you may want to use the real garland outside only. 


Poinsettias are the perfect Christmas houseplant. Add to your table as a centerpiece or place it on a hall table. You can choose between a variety of sizes and colors like red, white, pink, blue, or a mixture.

If you do not have a green thumb or worried you will not water it, there are also artificial plants. A quick tip about watering poinsettias: use ice cubes for a slow melt to avoid root rot.

Platters or Serving Ware

If you plan to have any celebrations at your home, find some Christmas platters and serving ware to match your Christmas decor. Matching sets will show you gave the extra effort to make the party magical.

Table Runners or Table Cloths

For your parties, you should have a table runner or table cloth that match your dishes. You can leave these on your tables for decoration even when you are not using them.

Holiday Pillows

Add some additional color to your couch with holiday pillows and blankets. Pillows are an easy way to dress up your living room (or bedroom) with little effort.

Ready to Buy These Christmas Items?

It is time to get your home ready for the holidays—but you do not have to break the bank. You can start purchasing a few items at a time or wait for sales.

If you need these Christmas items, you can save money with online shopping. Check out our site for other ways to save money online with articles like helpful ways to find the best online deals.

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