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Spending less money doesn't mean going without your luxuries.The secret is knowing about couponing tips. Use them right, and you'll be spending a whole lot less money without sacrificing anything on your shopping list!

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Couponing tips

You might remember wondering as a child why your mom was clipping coupons out of the shopping catalog or newspaper; however, she had the right idea, since you can save a packet by couponing in smart ways.

In this new, digital world, there are even more ways to save with coupons and rebates. The following tips will help you save at every opportunity:

1. Combine deals to maximize your savings

If you use a coupon on a fully-priced item, all you are doing is taking off a little of the retailer's markup. Instead, if possible, try to use your coupon on a product that already has a price reduction. This way, you are doubling the money you save!

The one catch here is that some coupons state in their fine print that you cannot combine them with other deals. Even if the coupon does state this, it's worth a try.

It might be a product that the retailers really want to move off their shelves, or it could be the checkout assistant's first day on the job and he/she might not even notice!

2. Ignore brands: go with prices

Some penny-pinchers still fall into the trap of buying a particular brand. These days, often the same factory makes products for different brands, and then puts them into different packaging, with different pricing, in order to split the consumer market.

What does this mean for you and couponing?

Ignore the brand! Look at how much volume you get for what you spend, and which product is cheaper. Add your coupon to these factors and you will be well ahead of the game!

3. Be smart about it

There are some supermarkets that take you for a fool. Don't waste your time with coupons that offer you tiny discounts if you buy more volume of the same product. For example, 'Buy three packets for a 10 cent discount'.

You are spending more money than you had intended, for more product than you need, and there is no real saving goal being achieved here. If the coupon isn't giving you a real saving, hold on to it until the items are on sale. If it expires before this happens, don’t worry.

4. Stick to what you need

We can get so excited by a good sale or large coupon saving that we get caught up in a retail fever. We sometimes end up buying products we simply don't need, and our financial situation doesn't improve one bit. It might actually get worse!

A good trick is to keep a couple of lists: one for essential food and household items, and another for quality extras. The third list is more of a wish list: your luxuries, for clothing or appliances you would like and use, but don't have the money for just yet.

As you see more and more coupons, you should stick to only using the ones for products that are already on both your wish and must-buy lists. This is an exercise in self-discipline.

Have a family member or friend go shopping with you - someone who knows your priorities - so that he/she can support with your savings goals, and check your spending limits.

5. Save on ink

There are some fantastic online coupon-clubs out there, but if you are not careful, you'll spend on printer-ink what you save in coupons that you probably won’t use. Exercise some self-discipline, and only print them out when you are ready to use them.

6. Organize, organize, organize

If you are a dedicated coupon collector, you have probably got shoeboxes filled with endless offers. How do you find what you want when you want? Consider putting them in a folder (or two) separated by category and/or alphabet.

You can organize by store, brand, category or expiration date. Find an organizational method that works for you and stick to it.

It will make your life, and the savings, much easier in the long run.

7. Be selective with stores

Support the stores that support your family budget. If your normal supermarket has overpriced products and won't let you combine coupons with a sale or other promotions, take your money elsewhere.

It is all about supply and demand, so find a food retailer that understands your need to save, and supports it with generous coupon deals.

If you are not sure where to look, try searching for online ‘penny-pincher’ forums. If people find great savings, they are usually only too happy to pass this information to others.

8. Have them match the offer

If you see a great offer in a store you don't regularly visit, take a screenshot of the deal to a store you prefer, and ask them if they will match the offer. It can feel like a bit of a cheeky move, but you will be surprised how often retailers accept this suggestion!

Time to go shopping!

Now you have got all the couponing tips you need. In no time at all, you will soon have extra cash in your pocket, without missing out on any of your favorite items.

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