If there are two national brands avid in-store shoppers may be familiar with, it’s Target and Walmart. Both retailers offer a wide selection of products at tantalizingly low prices.

While some customers may frequent both stores regularly, it’s important to know which one is going to provide better prices for certain item categories. From apparel to food products, Target and Walmart offer a great deal of savings on all kinds of essential items—but which one offers more savings?

To discover the answer to this question, read on for the ultimate price comparison of the two stores and tips on whether Target or Walmart coupons are better!

1. Target vs. Walmart Clothing Prices

Both discount retailers have a large selection of apparel for all genders and age groups. While purchasing clothes is always going to be a matter of personal preference, getting the best prices on stylish outfits doesn’t hurt, either.

Target has a wide range of brands available at their stores, including:

  • JoyLab
  • Ava & Viv
  • Wrangler
  • Puma
  • Adidas

Walmart also offers many familiar brands customers can choose from:

  • Fruit of the Loom
  • Birkenstock
  • Champion
  • Dickies
  • Skechers
  • Vera Bradley

The question is: Which store offers their selection of clothing brands for a lower price? To determine this, you’ll have to take a look at a few examples of similar products from each retailer.

  • Women’s tops – For a simple black blouse, the prices can range quite a bit both within each store’s inventory and in comparison to one another. The most affordable option for this product can be found on Target’s website for a price of $15.00. The lowest-priced black blouse on Walmart’s website is much more expensive, coming in at $22.81 for the smallest size. When searching for women’s clothing, it seems Target may have more options at a slightly lower average price.

  • Men’s jeans– A pair of Wrangler men relaxed fit jeans varies slightly between the two stores. At Target, a pair of these pants run for $17.00. Meanwhile, Walmart’s website lists the same jeans for $18.87. Once again, Target claims the win—this time by a narrow margin.

  • Children’s shoes – Both stores offer a wide selection of children’s apparel, and the price comparison wouldn’t be complete if shoes weren’t included as well. Target offers only one pair of kids’ Skechers at a price of $29.99. Walmart, on the other hand, has a much larger selection of children’s’ Skechers, with the most affordable pair costing $19.99.

Which Store is More Affordable? In the category of adult clothing, Target offers a better selection at slightly lower prices than Walmart stores. Children’s apparel, on the other hand, is both cheaper and more abundant at Walmart.

2. Target vs. Walmart Home Decor Prices

Another staple of Walmart and Target’s inventory is its extensive selection of home decor items. Target shoppers are most likely familiar with the phenomenon of going into Target for one product and leaving with a cart full of decorative pieces—but what about Walmart? Does Target’s competitor have an equal selection of home decor for the same, or better, prices?

  • Wall art – Target’s lowest-priced canvas wall art costs $11.99, with several other products hovering around the same price. A larger item is going to run you more, with prices starting at $22.99 for a medium-sized canvas, and going as high as $290.00 for a 72” x 36” piece. Walmart’s canvas art comes at a lower starting price of $3.98 for a small piece and goes as high as $175.51 for a large, 36” x 47” canvas. When looking for affordable wall art, Walmart stores may be a better choice.

  • Furniture – Both stores are no stranger to furniture pieces. At Target, the most affordable dining table is a small rectangular option that measures 29.75” x 45.0” and sells for $93.99. Less than $100 is pretty good for a dining table, but can it beat Walmart’s low furniture prices? In a similar shape and size, Walmart offers a wooden dining table that measures 45” x 28” and costs only $90.99. While this is a fairly close comparison, Walmart is awarded another win for a lower price in the home decor department.

  • Bedding – If you’re looking for a cozy comforter at an affordable price, take a look at what Target and Walmart have to offer in the bedding department. Walmart’s lowest-priced queen size comforter weighs in at a low price of only $24.88! The bedding section of Walmart seems to have a wide variety of comforters within this price range, as well. Taking a look at Target’s comforter selection, the most affordable queen size comforter comes at a higher price of $30.00. It seems as though customers who shop for bedding at Walmart will have a more sound night's sleep, knowing they spent less money on a great product.

Which Store is More Affordable? Although Target claimed a win in the apparel category, Walmart snags the lead in homegoods. Despite Target’s reputation as a hub for home decor items, Walmart consistently beats its rival retailer with surprisingly low prices on similar products.

3. Target vs. Walmart Food Prices

While Target and Walmart may not be the first places that come to mind when you hear the word groceries, both stores actually offer a reasonable selection of fresh and packaged food to fit consumer needs. To determine which is more affordable, you’ll have to compare a few different types of grocery items and their price differences at each store to determine the better deal.

  • Snacks – An 18-count variety pack of Frito-Lay chip products comes at a slight price variance between the two stores. At Target, the variety pack is priced at $7.99. Walmart sells the same assortment of chips for over a dollar less at an unbeatable price of $6.48. Chip lovers looking to save some extra cash will find better deals in the snack aisle at Walmart than they will at Target—and nothing tastes better than a great deal!

  • Drinks – A thirst-quenching pack of 12 Gatorades will cost Target shoppers a total of $6.29. While this price is anything but expensive for such a large quantity of sports drinks, Walmart still finds a way to beat Target’s already low price. A 12-pack of Gatorades at Walmart will only cost you $5.98.

  • Breakfast – The price difference for breakfast items is much smaller between the two stores, but it’s still an important factor to consider. A family size box of Honey Nut Cheerios costs $3.79 per box at Target. The same size box costs slightly less at Walmart, with a price tag of $3.64.

Which Store is More Affordable? Walmart comes up on top of the tie-breaking category of grocery items. With consistently lower prices on brand name food products, Target simply can’t compete in the race for the cheapest big-box grocery store.

Which is Cheaper: Target or Walmart?

The best Target vs Walmart prices depends on the type of product you’re looking for. While Target seems to be the optimal choice for adult clothing, Walmart takes the cake in every other category, including: children’s apparel, food, and home decor.

The bottom line? Walmart generally provides the lowest price.

With that being said, the optimal store for your specific needs is going to vary from person to person. Both Target's and Walmart's focus is providing affordable products to consumers for a low price. While the prices differ slightly between each store, both Target and Walmart will provide an overall affordable customer experience on a wide selection of goods.

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