For pet owners who want affordable prices, fast delivery, and a wide selection of products for their furry friend(s)—Chewy and Amazon are two of the biggest names that come to mind for providing these services. While both companies are widely known and offer a ton of benefits on pet products to owners, there are some undeniable differences between the two that could cause customers to lean more toward one over the other. Having a pet supply store at the tip of your fingers makes buying your pet supplies all the easier, but deciding just which one will give you the better bang for your buck is what pet owners are interested in.

Many people have started to compare Petco vs Petsmart or Chewy vs Amazon. If you’re in the market for a new delivery service that’s going to provide the best for your pet (and your wallet), read on for everything you need to know about Chewy vs Amazon!

Is Chewy Cheaper Than Amazon?

The first thing any savings-savvy pet owner should know is which delivery service provides the most affordable experience. Customers can break down the financial differences between Chewy and Amazon into four categories:

  • Products – The pricing of individual products is a key factor in deciding which pet delivery service is the better option. In a survey that reported the cheapest online pet stores, Chewy came up as number one—with an average price that’s a whopping 11% lower than other websites. Amazon ranked far worse, with an average price 18% more expensive than Chewy.

  • Subscription deals – Chewy offers 5% off all products when you choose autoship at checkout. This means scheduled delivery every 4 weeks or more, at a recurring price. Amazon offers a similar option on select pet items through their Subscribe and Save feature. The difference, however, is that Chewy has a greater number of products that are eligible for autoship, and provides customers with an extra 30% discount off their first order.

  • Daily discounts – In terms of sale items, Chewy is once again the clear winner. On the Chewy site, customers can find daily discounts on a large selection of products. These Chewy deals are hard to pass up when you are consistently saving money on your pet supplies. While this may not be the most reliable method when shopping for your pet’s essentials, it’s definitely an affordable way to try out new products at a lowered price that Amazon does not offer.

  • Shipping costs – Chewy customers must spend $49 or more to receive free shipping. Any order below this minimum will cost a flat rate of $4.95, even items that are scheduled for autoship. Amazon, on the other hand, offers more leeway in terms of affordable shipping. While Amazon Prime members can always take advantage of free, two-day shipping, customers who don’t have Prime can also get their pet supplies delivered for free if done through Amazon’s Subscribe and Save feature. In terms of shipping, Amazon is going to provide pet owners with the better options in the pet category.

Chewy vs. Amazon Inventory

While Amazon offers an enormous selection of many different products, Chewy is a website that specializes exclusively in the pet industry and owner supplies. This gives Chewy a bit of an advantage when it comes to product quality and brand variety.

When observing Amazon’s inventory of pet products, the categories customers can choose from are broken up by animal type:

  • Dog
  • Cat
  • Aquatic pets
  • Small animals
  • Birds
  • Horses
  • Amphibians

With all these categories combined, Amazon offers over 80,000 products listed as pet supplies. While that may seem like a huge selection, the number dwindles down to 10,000 when you filter out products that aren’t available for Subscribe and Save. Products that aren’t eligible for Subscribe and Save cannot be set up for recurring delivery and do not come with free shipping for non-Prime members.

Chewy, on the other hand, offers autoship on all their products, even prescription medications (as long as you provide written proof from your pet’s veterinarian). Chewy categorizes its products similarly to Amazon and sells supplies for the same types of animals. On the Chewy site, customers can choose to browse by species, brand, and type of product. Examples of supplies that can be purchased on Chewy include:

  • Food
  • Toys
  • Harnesses, leashes, and collars
  • Tanks, crates, and playpens
  • Medicine and treatments
  • Grooming supplies
  • Animal books
  • Heating and lighting systems

This list isn’t exhaustive, either. Chewy’s inventory is vast, specific, and thorough. For example, you can find a large selection of both fresh food and dry food for many different kinds of furry animals that will fit their specific needs. While Amazon may provide an adequate selection for the average pet owner—those who have more unique pets, and owners who want to go above and beyond when purchasing supplies, may have better luck with Chewy’s pet-specific inventory.

Does Chewy or Amazon Have Better Shipping

Although you’re already familiar with the cost of shipping from each company, there is also the factor of shipping speed for both independent retailers.

While Amazon offers two-day shipping on Prime items, other products can take a bit longer to arrive. If you’re looking for fast shipping, it’s best to put the prime filter on for your Amazon search—although this can potentially limit your product options.

Chewy orders that are not set up for autoship typically arrive in 1-3 days. One downside to using Chewy for your food, treats, or litter needs, is that they only deliver to physical addresses within the continental United States. Shipping is not currently available to P.O. boxes, Alaska, and Hawaii, and international addresses with Chewy’s delivery service.

In terms of shipping, the winner is a close call. While Amazon Prime is fast and reliable, the product selection can be sparse. Chewy’s shipping is a close second in terms of speed, but the restrictions regarding shipping locations may be a deal-breaker for some pet owners.

How Do Chewy and Amazon Handle Returns

In the event that you’re not satisfied with a purchase from your pet retailer, it’s important to know the details of each company’s return policy. While some products, like food and treats, are less likely to be accepted for a return, reusable items such as collars, kennels, and tanks can be expensive, and you don’t want to get stuck paying for a product that doesn’t work for you.

  • Chewy – Chewy’s return policy is flexible and straight forward. If a customer isn’t 100% satisfied with their order, they can return it for a full refund within an entire year of purchase. This return policy is applicable to all products except prescription medications. Chewy also provides 24/7 customer service representatives via telephone, live chat, and email to assist with any issues you may have.

  • Amazon – Amazon’s return policy is much stricter than Chewy’s. Pet food cannot be returned to Amazon, and may only be eligible for a refund under certain circumstances. Other non-perishable pet supplies may be returned within 30 days unless otherwise stated.

In this category, Chewy takes home the gold medal once again. While Amazon is known for being customer-oriented, it seems that Chewy somehow knocks Amazon out of the park in terms of returns and customer service. For pet owners who value their satisfaction, Chewy is the better option.

Chewy vs. Amazon: Which is Better?

While both companies are known for being reliable and affordable, Chewy seems to be the clear winner in a larger number of categories. While Amazon may provide faster shipping options, Chewy offers a larger selection of products, more deals, and a better return policy.

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