Christmas is a time of cheer, celebration, and, of course, gifts! But with so many loved ones to buy gifts for, balancing this jolly season with a budget can be a true holiday miracle. And nobody wants to be a Scrooge when it comes to presents.

By using a few tips, tricks, and a whole bunch of money saving hacks, you’ll become the budget-friendly Santa Claus you’ve always dreamed of!

Give your wallet a break this year by making a list of inexpensive Christmas gift ideas that your family and friends will love. If you’re interested in saying goodbye to frugal January, read on for the best ways to spend less on gifts this Christmas!

What are Good $10 Gifts?

Is there such a thing as a great gift that’s $10 or less? Absolutely! No more giving a Dollar Tree coffee mug or boring gift card. Here are some gift ideas that cost $10 or less and will help brighten the holidays:

  • Give the gift of fitness Exercise bands are inexpensive yet thoughtful gifts that can help your favorite fitness fanatics workout wherever and whenever.

  • Get expensive skincare for under $10 – Skincare is a gift that says, “Treat yourself!” But beauty doesn’t have to break the bank. Take a look through the travel sized section of your favorite makeup store to make a little gift basket—you’ll be shocked to see how affordable brand name skincare gifts can be, including:

    • Nourishing face, hair, or lip masks
    • Travel-sized moisturizers
    • Revitalizing rose water face spritzers
    • Rejuvenating lip balms
  • Encourage an aspiring bartender – What’s a cocktail without the fancy ice to match? Get the mixologist in your life a set of round ice cube molds in fun shapes like:

    • X’s and O’s
    • Spheres
    • Jewels
    • Planes
    • Cubes

Find Gifts For Less on Amazon

Amazon has the perfect product for everyone, so what better place to shop this holiday season? Plus, if you’re shopping last minute as a Prime member, you can get an inexpensive gift fast without the cost of shipping. Some of the best savings on affordable, high-quality gifts that are currently available include:

  • For the holistic, spiritual friend – Wrap up an Essential Healing Crystal set for less than $20. They’ll love the good vibes—and you’ll love the affordable price tag.

  • For your mom to stay warm this winter – Coziness is a gift that will last through every holiday season. Give her the gift of an ultra soft pair of slippers she can heat up in the microwave. No more cold toes for her and no more fighting with your siblings about who the favorite child is—hint: it’s you!

  • For the crafters in your life who love scrapbooking– Stickers are to scrapbookers as paint colors are to artists! Pick up a set of 100 cute stickers for their next album. Every scrapbooker needs more stickers-- it’s a perfect gift.

  • For the frantic friend who needs a little more self-care in their life – Inspire your busy pal to take a moment for themselves with a jar of Dead Sea Mud Mask.

  • For the plant parent you love – Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean your green-thumbed friend can’t add to her plant baby family. A California Picnic succulent kit will keep her place lush and verdant all year long.

  • For the home chef who loves new gadgets – A set of cleverly designed and elegant butter spreader knives makes cold butter go from solid to melt worthy in seconds—no microwave needed! Wrap these up with a fresh baguette and watch as your friend immediately grabs the butter from her fridge to try out this handy cutlery ASAP! For more foodie gift ideas, check out our guide on the best fun gifts for healthy eaters.

What Can You Do Instead of Gifts for Christmas?

Are physical Christmas presents not your style? Many people love getting a subscription service or a discounted experience for Christmas, rather than a single item. Some of the most popular, service-based gifts to give this year, and the deals we have for them, include:

  • Tickets to a local museum or zoo – Around the holidays, museums and zoos tend to offer sales, allowing potential visitors to buy a pack of anytime tickets that can be given to friends and family members. Not only will you be giving your loved one an amazing experience, but you’ll be supporting the local institutions that make your community special!

  • Bistro MD – Bistro MD is a healthy food delivery service that will be perfect for the nutrition enthusiast in your life. Take the stress out of healthy eating by using our 25% off rebate on the first order, and get your loved one hooked on these tasty meals!

  • Cheap Oair – Give the gift of travel this year by booking someone a vacation as their Christmas gift. Cheap Oair is a travel booking website that has a number of coupons offered.

  • Best of Vegas – Know someone who loves the bright lights of Las Vegas? Get them the gift of up to 50% off the hottest shows in Vegas through RebateKey. From the Blue Man Group to Penn & Teller, there’s a show in Vegas for everyone.

  • Monthly Clubs – Let your loved one experience the finer things this year with a subscription to Monthly Clubs. Monthly Clubs is a service that delivers the best quality beers, wine, cheese, chocolate, and cigars on a monthly basis to club members. This unique gift goes beyond the actual items, and provides an experience for those who want to join an enthusiast club.

RebateKey Makes the Holidays Easier

With hundreds of cash back rebates, coupons, and promo codes, you’ll never have to overspend on gifts for the holidays again. RebateKey makes it easy to get money back on your favorite inexpensive Christmas presents online. All it takes is the click of a button.

Simply search for products and retailers through our site. Once you’ve found a deal you’re interested in, just claim it through RebateKey and make your purchase. After that, all you have to do is wait for the items and your check in the mail. By the time Christmas rolls around, you’ll have plenty of money in cash back rebates. We even have awesome Amazon deals!

Remember that the deals listed here are subject to expiration, so if anything catches your eye you’ll have to act fast! Treat your loved ones to the perfect gift, get your Christmas shopping out of the way early this year, and remember to check back with RebateKey frequently for more deals. Happy holidays!

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