Memorial Day, Labor Day, Christmas, Thanksgiving. If you’re an avid saver, these holidays are marked down on your calendar not just for celebrating, but for shopping.

Consumers relish in some of the largest discounts of the year during these days, but what about the time in between?

Take full advantage of the biggest sales of the season by purchasing products as they are rotated throughout the stores. Seasonal shopping, or end-of-season sales, are year round discounts that you can count on, just like Black Friday. As retailers make way for new products, they markdown items that are “not in season” anymore.

Get on board with the bargain shoppers that know the best times to buy products according to the seasonal calendar of the stores. It’s not so much about what you need at the moment, but getting the best deal you can for the product that you want.

The Basics of Seasonal Shopping

The cardinal rule of seasonal shopping is all about knowing the best times to buy. The retail schedule does not necessarily follow the regular calendar year, so to get the most out of seasonal shopping, you have to plan ahead.

Stores choose pricing based on demand. When the demand is high, the price will follow. Just think about how hard it was to get toilet paper during the last couple of months. Coolers and bathing suits are in high demand during the summer, so they will typically be priced higher in July than they are in January.

But seasonal shopping isn’t just about shopping for products in the opposite season, it’s truly about the beginning and end of season sales. If stores stock up on inventory to last the season but do not sell it all, they will mark down items excessively before new inventory shows up. The same bathing suit that sold for $20 in July, may sell for half the price in late August.

Though it doesn’t feel natural to buy items that you may not use immediately, it will save you a lot of money in the long run. Retail schedules are a lot shorter than the seasons themselves. It’s not a coincidence that the day after Valentine’s, the hearts on the shelves transform into St.Patrick’s Day attire. If you transform your shopping habits to match the fast paced nature of retail schedules, you will be able to save money on items before they are in high demand.

Online shopping follows a similar trend, though sales typically occur more frequently throughout the year. Seasonal shopping is geared towards the holidays, so you can still take advantage by signing up for online rebate and couponing sites to get the best deal.

What are the Best Times to Buy Throughout the Year?

Shop and save all year by knowing the best times to buy. We’re breaking down the calendar year month by month to include traditional holiday sales and items in low demand that you can really save money on.


Notable Sales Days

  • New Years Day

During January, look forward to beginning-of-the-year and post-holiday sales. You can buy your Christmas decor eleven months early or find big ticket items, like fitness equipment, that is on sale for anyone making a new year’s resolution. January is also the time for white sales, a shopping tradition first started in 1878, culminating in discounted bed linens. White sales also extend to sales on home decor, furniture, and bedding and bath products at many large retailers.


Notable Sales Days

  • Valentine’s Day
  • Presidents Day
  • Super Bowl

February brings us discounts on winter items, like heavy clothing and outdoor gear, going out of season to make way for spring. The month is also packed with some heavy sales holidays, like President’s Day, when you can find major bargains on cars and air travel.


Notable Sales Days

  • St.Patrick’s Day

As the warmer weather approaches in March, many stores will be officially getting rid of their winter apparel, which comes with large discounts for shoppers. The beginning of spring also brings early sales on gardening supplies, air conditioners and grills before the summer starts.


Notable Sales Days

  • Easter

You can prepare for graduation early by shopping for gifts at a lower price during April. Surprisingly enough, April is also a great time to invest in a vacuum as many companies undersell old models to make way for the new ones in June.


Notable Sales Days

  • Memorial Day
  • Mother’s Day

Memorial Day in May brings huge sales on electronics including large-ticket items like TVs and laptops. Even though Mother’s Day boasts sales for jewelry and flowers, you can also get a jumpstart on Father’s Day shopping with the significant price drop of electronics.


Notable Sales Days

  • Father’s Day

As summer approaches, you can invest in a gym membership at a lower price alongside other summer gear before the hottest months of the year hit. Women can also find great deals on lingerie, bras and pajamas during Victoria’s Secret semi-annual sale.


Notable Sales Days

  • Fourth of July

During July, you may find discounts on summer gear like sandals, towels and sunglasses to celebrate the hot weather. July is also the time many furniture stores make room for fall inventory, so couches, tables and home goods are typically on sale.


Notable Sales Days

  • Back to School

In August, summer inventory starts to make way for fall. If you haven’t stocked up on summer gear yet, now is the time to do it. Parents and students will also find bargains on back to school items.


Notable Sales Days

  • Labor Day

September is the official start to the fall season. Appliance stores use this month to clear their old inventory to make space for new models. This, coupled with Labor Day sales, will allow you to find great deals of refrigerators, washing machines and other home appliances.


Notable Sales Days

  • Halloween

As temperatures start to drop, outdoor furniture will go on sale. October also brings seasonal sales on costumes, (the longer you procrastinate the better deal you will get) and discounts on toys before the official holiday season begins.


Notable Sales Days

  • Thanksgiving
  • Black Friday
  • Small Business Saturday
  • Cyber Monday

November is packed with sales. During this month of major shopping holidays, you will find some of the best deals on electronics, jewelry and toys. Now is also the time to shop online to get the most out of Cyber Monday deals.


Notable Sales Days

  • Hanukkah/Christmas/Kwanzaa

If you’re not wiped out on shopping by the end of the year, you will find markdowns on tons of holiday items, including decor, and deals on gifts in every category. Just like other major holidays, procrastinating may play into your favor, as many stores add discounts on top of their discounts to get you buying before Christmas.

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