Two of the biggest online retail names in discount home goods are Wayfair and Overstock. You've probably heard of both of these companies. Both Wayfair and Overstock offer nice furniture and home decor-that's a given. They also both advertise their budget-friendly prices, which can lead consumers to wonder: Wayfair vs Overstock, which competitor is better?

If you’re trying to figure out where to shop for all your furnishing needs without breaking the bank, continue reading for the ins and outs of each company and their individual prices and deals. If you are interested in also redoing your home more extensively, make sure to know the ins and outs of Lowes vs. Home Depot!

What Is Wayfair?

Wayfair is a company that sells affordable furniture and home goods from an entirely online platform. The selection of goods Wayfair offers is pretty extensive. Some examples of categories found on the Wayfair website include:

  • Indoor and outdoor furniture
  • Rugs
  • Beds and mattresses
  • Kitchenware and appliances
  • Decorative pieces

The list goes on. Wayfair is pretty much a one-stop shop when it comes to furnishing a home. You can get virtually everything you need (literally because it’s an online store), and there's a ton of variety that can match your taste and your home's aesthetic.

While Wayfair is its own brand, it does not make its own items. Instead, it uses a system of purchasing goods from other companies, and puts them all in one place. Wayfair is a platform for affordable home goods from over 11,000 different suppliers in the furniture industry .

What Is Overstock?

Overstock is very similar to Wayfair in terms of its platform and selling methods.

The difference with Overstock is that the company initially found its footing by selling surplus goods. Basically, Overstock would buy merchandise from other stores that either placed too many orders or had items returned to them that they didn't want to put back on sale. This is why Overstock is able to sell high end items at a lower price.

In addition to surplus and returned goods, Overstock now sells new items as well. They have a large selection of categories on their website, including:

  • Decor
  • Bed and bath items
  • Lighting fixtures
  • Storage
  • Jewelry and clothing

While there are some slight variations in Wayfair’s and Overstock’s catalogs, in general, the stores are pretty similar.

So what sets them apart?


While both companies pride themselves on their affordable prices, there is a pretty big difference in the two when it comes to spending.

Wayfair consistently provides goods at lower prices than Overstock. This doesn’t mean Wayfair items are of lower quality, however. This price difference is mostly due to the fact that Wayfair has consistent affiliate suppliers, and Overstock is based on a more random model.

In addition to that, Wayfair tends to offer a lot more coupons and deals to their customers than Overstock does. Here are some examples of ways Wayfair helps their shoppers save:

  • Coupons – When you visit the site, you are immediately greeted with a Wayfair coupon code for up to 70% off your first purchase. All you need to do is provide your email address, and you will instantly receive the coupon and use it right away.

  • Sales – Wayfair often reduces the price of their items for limited time sales. This is a luxury that Overstock can’t afford, due to the fact that they have already purchased most of their goods at a reduced price from the original sellers. This is another way in which Wayfair offers a better deal on a large selection of their merchandise.

  • Outside Offers – In terms of affiliates and coupon codes, Wayfair does a better job at marketing. Overstock tends to keep their deals to a minimum, while Wayfair promo codes are given out more freely to discount-finder websites, like RebateKey.

Of course, pricing depends on the item you’re looking at. It’s possible for Overstock to have cheaper deals than Wayfair on certain goods. However, the average cost of items, particularly larger ones like couches and beds, is consistently lower on Wayfair than Overstock.

In addition to lower original prices, Wayfair also offers more opportunities to save with their coupons and promo codes. While you may get a deal with Overstock, you’re more likely to get multiple deals with Wayfair.

There’s no such thing as too many discounts, right?

Shipping Costs

Outside of sales tax, state tax, and other fees, an important subset to consider when searching for the best deal is the shipping cost.

While you may feel like you’ve found a great deal online, you don’t want to be surprised at checkout with an astronomical shipping fee. Wayfair and Overstock both provide affordable shipping, but there are some slight differences.

  • Wayfair Shipping Costs – Standard Wayfair shipping costs a minor fee of $4.99. Any order over $35 comes with completely free shipping. The good news is, most orders on Wayfair are going to be above $35 unless you’re picking out something small.

  • Overstock Shipping Costs – Overstock offers free standard shipping to the lower 48 states. Unfortunately that rules out international shipping. Also, Items shipped to Alaska and Hawaii may be subject to additional fees depending on the size and weight of the product.

Payment Methods

One of the best parts of online shopping is the wide variety of payment options. Wayfair, in particular, allows shoppers to pay for their purchases through a ton of different methods, including:

  • Credit and debit cards
  • Paypal
  • Wayfair gift cards
  • Wayfair Rewards
  • Checks
  • Even, wire transfers

Overstock, on the other hand, has a slightly smaller list of possible payment methods, with some similarities:

  • Credit and debit card.
  • Overstock credit card
  • Bitcoin
  • Paypal

While Wayfair offers a few more payment methods, both companies allow the budget-friendly alternative of payment plans.

Payment Plans

One of the perks of shopping on Wayfair and Overstock is the fact that they both offer deferred payment through the use of installment loans. Each company uses a different service for these loans:

  • Affirm – Wayfair uses a loan service called Affirm, which allows you to break up your payments month to month. Affirm offers low interest rates, which can be more affordable than paying with a credit card. Affirm can be set up for automatic payments on your preferred card.

  • Lay-A-Way – Overstock uses their own installment loan program called Lay-A-Way. These payments can be broken into a maximum of 12 months. Overstock’s Lay-A-Way feature must be paid manually. You will receive an email each month when your payment is due. Overstock’s Lay-A-Way method also accrues interest.

  • Progressive Leasing – Select items on Overstock can be paid off using a service called Progressive Leasing. Progressive Leasing can be set up for automatic payments, and they do not charge interest. If you can snag an item on Overstock that allows for this payment method, it’s going to be the most cost-efficient option.

All of these payment plans are similar, and the interest rates and individual payment methods will depend on the price of your item. Either way, a payment plan is a great option for those who need higher priced items, but can’t afford to pay the steep cost all at once.

Are Overstock and Wayfair Reputable

If you’re worried about being scammed, put those fears to rest!

Both Overstock and Wayfair are professional companies. The items advertised on their websites are true to the actual product. They also offer flexible return policies:

  • Overstock Return Policy – Overstock offers a 30-day return policy. Opened and used items will provide a partial refund, while unopened, incorrect, or damaged-upon-arrival items will award a full refund. Shipping costs are refunded if the item is incorrect or damaged as well.

  • Wayfair Return Policy – Wayfair’s return policy is a little stricter. Items must be returned in original condition and packaging for a full refund, and return shipping costs apply. Clearance items cannot be returned. Like Overstock, Wayfair gives you 30-days to return items.

In terms of returns, Overstock is a better deal. This is important when ordering items for your home—such as furniture or decor—that you don’t realize aren’t the right fit until it’s too late. You don’t want to be stuck paying for something you don’t want.

No matter which store you choose, it’s important to take measurements prior to purchasing large furniture items. Don’t lose money because you couldn’t find a tape measure!

Is Wayfair or Overstock Better?

So now that you know the ins and outs of each company, you want to know the bottom line: which is better?

This question is complicated. On one hand, Overstock offers a better deal on shipping and returns. On the other hand, Wayfair generally offers more affordable prices on their items, as well as a greater selection of coupons and deals.

Both sites offer affordable payment plans, and while Overstock has an affiliate with the interest free service Progressive Leasing, the items that are eligible are limited.

So which site has the better prices and deals?

That depends on what you’re looking for. For overall savings, Wayfair is going to be the way to go. If you’re looking at more specific elements, Overstock may work better for you.

Use RebateKey to Save More

Either way, you’re going to save more money shopping on Wayfair and Overstock than going to a normal homegoods store. If you’re wondering how to get a Wayfair coupon make sure to check RebateKey to get a Wayfair 15% off coupon code.

With RebateKey, you can find great rebates and cashback deals from hundreds of trusted brands. Just sign up and start saving!

That’s savvy shopping.


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