Sweats aren’t just for the gym anymore. The last decade has embraced casual and comfy loungewear clothing for everyday wear. The best part of wearing sweatpants, a hoodie, and cozy socks? The outfits also look stylish.

Cozy loungewear is the perfect blend of fashion and ease. One outfit can seamlessly take you from running errands to a workout class to cooking dinner.

If you want a little more stretch in your wardrobe, then we have you covered. Here is our ultimate guide to shop lounge clothing deals, from the best fabrics to chic designs.

Types of Lounge Clothing

Some loungewear is meant for the obvious—to lounge. But you wouldn’t want to sweat in your silk pajamas. And you wouldn’t sleep in your most chic leggings. In short, different types of loungewear fit different activities.

At the end of the day, material matters. Let’s explore the many materials within the wide world of loungewear fabrics:

  • Cotton – Light, breezy, and versatile, cotton is a standard fabric for many clothing brands. While perfect for everyday use, be wary that cotton won’t hold up well to sweat or cold weather.

  • Silk – Do you overheat easily at night? Silk pajamas may be your calling. This fiber is incredibly cooling with a luxurious and ultra-soft feel.

  • Polyester – Affordable and stretchy, polyester is built for comfort. While not quite as soft as other materials, it is durable and versatile in lounge clothing.

  • Rayon – A synthetic plant-based fiber, rayon is used for fabrics like modal and bamboo. It’s exercise-friendly, wicking away sweat while keeping the wearer cool.

  • Bamboo – This natural and lightweight tree-fiber is rising among activewear producers. With sweat-wicking and odor-resistant properties, bamboo can hold up to workout while staying comfortable.

  • Merino Wool – This sheep’s hair material is incredibly popular, and for good reason. Merino wool is a breathable, odor-resistant material that effectively keeps out the cold.

Best Lounge Clothing for Exercise

From classic jogger pants to hoodies with a relaxed fit, working out can look practical and stylish. We have the top activewear trends and brands to make you look like your best athletic self.

Activewear Trends

2021 is seeing a return to vintage sporty styles (particularly of the 80s variety). You might catch some of these pieces rising to popularity this year:

  • Full-Coverage Sports Bras
  • Loungewear sets
  • Biker Shorts
  • High Waisted Leggings
  • Tracksuits
  • Retro Windbreakers

Activewear Brands

Sports fashion has exploded in size over the past ten years. Major clothing labels have boosted their activewear sales while new boutique lines have emerged onto the market.

Out of all the options, we’ve picked some of the best brands for exercise lounge clothing brands. Read on below for our choices:

  • Outdoor Voices – Fun, colorful, and practical, Outdoor Voices wants their clothing to make exercise enjoyable. Their leggings and hoodies are a perfect upgrade to the athlete’s (or wannabe athlete’s) closet.

  • PUMA – With sleek European activewear designs for men and women, PUMA is popular for its blend of high-fashion and functionality. Their shoes and clothing easily transition from the gym to the street.

  • Tentree – As an eco-friendly brand, Tentree sticks to their name and plants 10 trees for every purchase. You can also expect ethical manufacturing methods and organic fabrics like cotton and hemp with their products.

  • Under Armour – You might know them for their skin-tight layers designed for preserving warmth. But Under Armour has also developed a broader line of activewear, filled with stylish and lightweight pieces.

  • Alo Yoga – The ultimate trendy activewear brand, Alo Yoga is beloved by celebrities and athletes alike. If you want some cute details and cutout designs in your workout wardrobe, look into their leggings and sports bras.

  • Target – Yes, that’s right. Target is one of the best affordable lounge clothing options out there for exercise. Their All In Motion line has sweat-wicking tops and pretty leggings for your everyday workouts.

Best Lounge Clothing for Relaxing or Sleep

When you don’t have to worry about sweat, your luxurious loungewear and pajama set options grow even wider. Even when enjoying a home movie night, you don’t have to sacrifice personal style for comfort.

To get that casual chic look, we have the leading clothing trends and brands to explore in lounge clothing.

Everyday Lounge Clothing Trends

Technically, loungewear has been “en vogue” since 2018. But due to the pandemic, couch-ready clothing has truly taken the spotlight. If you work from home, you need some casual staples for maximum comfort.

Here are the essential lounge clothing picks for day-to-day life:

  • Oversized cardigans
  • Joggers with an elastic waist
  • Pull-on or knit shorts
  • T-Shirt dresses
  • Flowy or stretch-material trousers

Everyday Lounge Clothing Brands

From the luxurious to the budget-friendly, loungewear brands have a wide range. Take a look at our top picks for some new cashmere or cotton additions to your closet for those casual days:

  • Hanes – Renowned for their underwear, this staple brand also offers affordable and simple lounge clothing. Hanes’ wide variety of colors and sizes is perfect for every family member’s wardrobe.

  • Flygo – Cold weather has no chance against Flygo’s fleece-lined pants. With 100% cotton and wool materials, the prices are a bargain for the quality of snuggliness you’ll receive.

  • Soma – Known for their high-comfy factor, Soma has everything from light joggers to flowy shirt dresses. Check out their collection for lightweight yet errands-appropriate pieces.

  • Skims – When people think shapewear, images of corsets and uber-tight spandex come to mind. But Skims has an incredibly soft, stretchy, and fashionable line of shapewear with a wide range of sizes.

  • Lunya – If you’re on the lookout for a lush silk top, Lunya is the perfect fit. Their lounge clothing is the perfect blend of decadence and comfort, with high-end knit sets and roomy jumpers.

Get Loose In Lounge Clothing with RebateKey

We know it’s hard to part with old clothes. But if you’re starting to see holes, it’s time to ditch those ratty old sweats and expand to the endless world of loungewear options out there. With up-to-date clothing discounts and promos, RebateKey can turn your 100% cotton dreams into a reality. You’re just a few clicks away from making quality lounge clothing a part of your everyday life.





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