Are you a makeup guru or beauty insider with the budget of a barefaced beauty? Cosmetics are expensive, but for many people they’re an essential part of creating a personal style that feels right.

Whether you’re a sucker for some contour, ulta deals, or you can’t leave the house without the right shade of lipstick—we’ve got you covered. Finding affordable cosmetics can take a bit of extra work, but it’s totally worth it. If you’ve ever wondered how to get free makeup products, read on for all the best tips and tricks to keep you looking beautiful on a budget!

Scoring those Sweet Samples

Free makeup samples may sound like nothing, but you’d be surprised how much product you can get from the bite-sized bottles! Many makeup brands offer “beauty samples” that are actually closer to travel-sized versions of their full-sized products. A free beauty sample will allow you to try a beauty brand or two without having to buy the full size product!

If you’re interested in trying out a product, but you don’t want to purchase it, simply go into your local beauty store and ask for a free sample. Each store is going to have a slightly different policy on samples, but here’s the bottom line for the biggest retailers:

  • Sephora – Sephora allows customers to leave with up to three samples of any product each time they visit the store. Online shopping on Sephora is a bit more restrictive, but it still has a selection of samples you can add to your purchase. Bonus? Sometimes you can spend your points on free gifts if you’re a rewards member!

  • Ulta – Ulta stores are packed with quite a few mini items and sample packages. But for online shopping, Ulta takes the cake for the best sample provider. When you checkout on Ulta’s website, you’re given the option to choose a skincare, fragrance, or variety sampler that comes with several makeup products from the same brand.

In addition to these samples that can be added to any purchase, Ulta also offers a ton of larger free gifts that come with purchases of specific items. These gifts include makeup bags, moisturizers, small bottles of perfume, and more.

  • Nordstrom – Nordstrom storefronts allow customers to get a sample of most skin care and makeup products. Simply ask a sales associate if they can assist you in trying a product, and they’ll be happy to scoop out a sample for you to take home!

Makeup Coupons

What would an article about how to get free makeup be without coupons? A coupon could help you save a lot of money on anything from cruelty free makeup to a completely new product!

Coupons and rebates are an incredible way to save money on makeup, and even get some products completely free! RebateKey has a wide selection of coupons for makeup retailers, including:

  • Ulta – On RebateKey, customers can find coupons and rebates for Ulta’s amazing products. Check out all the latest deals on your favorite cosmetics, and pocket some Ulta coupons. And after you load up your cart with fabulous rebated pieces, don’t forget to add some freebies!

  • Amazon – Amazon may seem out of place on this list, but the online retailer actually has a surprising amount of makeup and other beauty products in their inventory. Additionally, RebateKey has a ton of Amazon offers on cosmetics. Using RebateKey coupons, beauty lovers can get products such as Argan oil, cosmetic bags, makeup remover, and volumizing mascara for up to 100% cashback. We offer some great Amazon deals!

Subscription Services

While this hack isn’t technically “free” it’s still a way to get pricey makeup for a lower price.

Subscription services, like Ipsy and Boxycharm, have gained popularity in recent years. Why? Because for a monthly fee, you get a mini makeup counter delivered to your house! Customers who use makeup subscriptions services pay a low monthly price to get a box of new makeup each month. While most of the products are going to be travel-sized, some orders will come with full-sized products for a fraction of the price. Getting a subscription box is a great way to try different skin care products or a new makeup brand without breaking the bank!

The pricing for some of the most popular makeup subscription boxes are as follows:

  • Ipsy – $12 per month for a combination of travel and full-sized items.

  • Boxycharm – $25 a month for four to five full-sized items.

  • Birchbox – $15 a month for mostly travel-sized items.

Many makeup subscription boxes list the retail price of all the makeup you’re getting each month, so you can see exactly how much money you’re saving!

Don’t Be Afraid to Get Creative

Looking gorgeous on a tight budget can be hard, but it doesn’t have to be impossible. Staying up-to-date on coupons, taking advantage of free samples and gifts, and using subscription services are all ways that bargain shoppers can get their cosmetic necessities without breaking the bank.

Don’t be fooled into thinking you always need to purchase a full-sized item. Samples and travel sizes are a great way to test out new beauty products, and building up a collection of them can ultimately stock your makeup bag more efficiently than an expensive shopping spree of full size product.

RebateKey: Your Bargain Cosmetic Guru

RebateKey has your back for all your online shopping. Everything you need to know about buying more for less is right here, so don’t be afraid to visit the site before any big shopping trips.

Remember to check back frequently for more coupons and savings tips. You never know when we may have a deal on the exact product you’ve been looking to purchase, so keep your eyes peeled. Happy saving, and stay beautiful!

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