It's not even Thanksgiving yet, but you're someone who plans early. Plus, it's better to get your Christmas shopping out of the way; that way, you can avoid all the crowds at the mall and you can kick back and relax come December.

So you're thinking of buying your dad, significant other, or adult son some gifts, you might want some inspiration. If you want to treat the special guy in your life extra well this Christmas, here are some amazing gift ideas!

A Bottle of His Favorite Cologne

You might be worried that by buying him some toiletries, he might think you're trying to send a message of "you stink!" But in reality, it's a thoughtful gift.

If your special guy has a particular cologne that he's stuck with for years and years, then you'll know it'll be a hit. Plus, these things are pricey, so he'll appreciate it when the next bottle's on you.

Or, if you really know your man, you can buy him a bottle of new cologne to try something new. You must consider your choices carefully, as only you know if he'd be happy with his usual scent or a brand new one.

A Luxurious Bathrobe

Your guy might usually sleep in his underwear, but let's face it: the weather's getting cold, and he can't keep that up. However, he might not like getting into pajamas since they're too restricting.

A great middle ground is a fluffy, luxurious bathrobe. He can throw it on after he showers and keep it on all day if he wishes.

Need to go get the paper on the driveway? No problem. He can walk right out without having to put anything extra on.

About to go to sleep? Also, no problem. He just needs to slip out of the bathrobe, hang it up, and dive underneath the thick covers awaiting him.

Tickets to an Upcoming Game

Is your husband a sports buff? Then this gift will tickle him!

Whether he's into basketball, baseball, or wrestling, splurge on some tickets. You'll get bonus points if you can score ringside tickets that'll have him feeling like he's in the middle of all the action.

Consider making this a "package" gift. For example, don't just take him to the game; go for a nice meal out beforehand. It'll make it an unforgettable day for the two of you.

Tickets to an Upcoming Concert

Maybe your significant other isn't so much into sports, but he's a huge music buff. So instead of tickets to a sports game, purchase concert tickets!

Again, you'll want to make it a day to remember, so a cozy meal can be a great idea here, too. Maybe allocate some gift money toward buying souvenirs and merchandise from the concert so both of you have something to remember the concert by.

If you really want to spoil your spouse, try to get VIP tickets, or attempt to get him backstage access. He'll think he's died and gone to heaven when he gets to personally meet his favorite singer!

A Beer Making Kit

If your guy's into drinking beer and DIY stuff, why not combine his two passions? Whether he's a total greenhorn or knows it all when it comes to beer, this DIY kit can be fun for him to try out.

While you can source your own materials to both customize the kit and save money, there are also plenty of companies that put together their own. This can be great in a pinch since all you have to do is order it.

By gifting your special man a beer making kit, you may just spark his interest in a new hobby. Before you know it, you'll be sipping on tons of homemade beer that hubby's specially made for the two of you!

A New Kitchen Appliance

Traditionally, the woman would be the cook of the family. But nowadays, we love to flip traditional roles upside-down and play to our strengths.

Perhaps you're not great at cooking and your husband loves to do it. While you're of no help in the kitchen, maybe you can lend a helping hand by splurging on a new kitchen appliance instead.

For instance, if he's been complaining about having to hand-mix ingredients, then why not get him a stand mixer? Or if he thinks the microwave is on its last legs, buy him a brand new one with fancy features on it.

Be sure to check for rebates on the kitchen appliance you purchase for your loved one. Why spend full price on it when you can snag it for cheaper?

A Fitbit (Or Something Similar)

The wintertime is when we pack on the most pounds. We sit around, chowing down on holiday meals and munching on delicious treats.

It should come as no surprise then that many people's resolutions are to lose weight in the upcoming year.

Help your special man get their fitness goals kickstarted before the next year even begins by getting him a Fitbit or something similar. It'll give him more motivation, especially since you've spent a little money on contributing toward his fitness goals.

Use These Gift Ideas to Surprise the Special Guy in Your Life

Now that you have a comprehensive list of amazing Christmas gift ideas for men, you should have no problem purchasing the perfect present for the man in your life. So get to shopping early to save yourself some trouble and to get the best deals available1

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