The bathroom isn’t just a functional aspect of your home—it’s an opportunity to beautify a place where you and your family spend a substantial amount of time. Because let’s face it—everyone spends a good portion of their life in the bathroom.

If your bathroom doesn’t feel like an oasis of hygiene and self-care—whether it’s due to grungy floors or outdated faucets—it can be hard to spend all that time in there.

Remodeling your bathroom may sound pricey, but there’s actually a ton of inexpensive home renovation ideas that can be done on a budget. All it takes is a few tips and tricks to have an old bathroom looking like new—without feeling like you’re flushing money down the beautiful, renovated toilet. If you want to learn more about this process, read on for the best bathroom remodel ideas on a budget!

Replace The Hardware

Revamp your sink or shower by replacing the hardware yourself. Old faucets can look dingy and give your bathroom an outdated feel. Fortunately, this bathroom makeover process doesn’t take more than a wrench and some free time.

Make sure the water-valves are switched off to avoid any accidental flooding. Then disconnect your old hardware by loosening the nuts that attach it to the water supply, and pull the components out carefully.

To install your new faucet, you’ll want to read any specific instructions that it came with. The basic procedure will go as follows:

  • Slip the faucet through the mounting holes (you may need to use some sealant to ensure there won’t be any leaks).

  • Attach the handles if necessary.

  • Screw in the accompanying drain (if applicable) underneath the sink.

The process for replacing a shower head is similar, and actually requires even fewer steps. Simply disconnect the old shower head using a wrench, and screw a new one in its place. It doesn’t take a certified plumber to have the updated bathroom fixtures you deserve!

To achieve a modern look, opt for hardware that’s shiny, sleek, and made from materials that won’t rust as easily (like brass or stainless steel).

Put Up A Removable Backsplash

Painting or replacing walls in your home requires a lot of time and money. Many rental properties also don’t allow permanent changes to be made to the walls. Despite these challenges, there is an affordable way to add a sleek, new look to your bathroom walls.

Try using a removable, stick on backsplash around the sink or the shower. Peel-and-stick backsplashes go right on the bathroom wall and can be found made of mosaic tile, subway tile, marble, and other types of ceramic tile. A stylish, stone backsplash can be purchased from Home Depot for as little as $29.99, and make your bathroom space look as though it’s gone through some expensive remodeling.

Paint Your Molding

The molding in a home often takes a beating, and rarely gets much attention beyond its original paint job. Your bathroom molding in particular may have chipped, or adopted a dingier color than the original shade it’s meant to have.

An inexpensive, easy project that will revamp your bathroom is to repaint the molding. Whether you choose a fun, new color, or simply a fresher coating of a similar shade, this little touch-up will leave your walls looking clean and new. Simply grab a small can of paint, a medium sized brush, and some painters tape for the outline and you’re ready to add a fresh coat to the molding!

Add Some Decorative Pieces

Updating your bathroom doesn’t have to mean ripping up the plumbing and replacing everything. Even adding some new decorations can help revitalize the room and make it feel more stylish and welcoming. Some examples of affordable bath decor items you can add include:

  • Wall art
  • Potted flowers
  • Air plants
  • Colorful hand towels
  • A stylish basket for toiletries
  • New curtains
  • A sleek shower curtain

Swap Out the Lighting Fixtures

Another surprisingly effective way to transform your bathroom is by updating the lighting fixtures. Years of steam may have caused your bathroom’s lamps to look grimey, or the lighting may simply be outdated depending on how old your home is.

Swapping out an old, frosted shade for something more stylish will completely change how the light fills the room. Opt for a clear, glass shade with an edison bulb for a modern look (hint: pair this with white subway tile and a brushed metal light fixture for effortless appeal).

Adding updated lighting around the mirror will also elevate the experience of getting ready in your bathroom, which everyone will appreciate. This is a great way to change the look of the bathroom without having to spend a lot, since all you’ll need to buy is new shades or bulbs that can typically be screwed in where the old ones were.

Refresh Your Floors

One of the biggest complaints homeowners have make about their older bathrooms is that they don’t have stylish flooring. Whether your bathroom has outdated linoleum, or gunk built up between tiles, you have some options that are less expensive than replacing the floor entirely.

  • Linoleum – What you may not know about linoleum floors is that they can actually be painted over. That’s right, you don’t need to rip up the linoleum and start from scratch. Instead, simply use porch paint and cover the entirety of the floor using an extended paint roller.

If you really want to add some style, consider using a stencil and spray paint to add a design that looks more like expensive tiles. After 24 hours, the paint should be dry and your floors will look brand new!

  • Tile – If dirty tiles are bringing down the look of your bathroom, try cleaning between them for a fresh look. Simply create a one-to-one ratio of white vinegar and water and spray the mixture between the tiles. Use a small brush—an old toothbrush will work great—to scrub between them and watch the grout disappear!

If your tiles are made from marble, skip the vinegar and opt for a one-to-two ratio of water and baking soda. Apply this paste and leave for a day, then come back and scrub it out with a brush.

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