Online shopping has become inescapable. Currently, Millennials now make 54% of their purchases online. Non-Millennials make 49% of their purchases via the Internet.

eCommerce used to be treated as a kind of fad. It was like some wacky fad or gadget. No one treated it seriously, unless you were serious about finding Pokemon cards and pogs on eBay.

That's all changed now. eCommerce is projected to be worth $4.5 trillion by 2021. Shopping online is no longer the exception - it's the rule.

When you were doing all of your shopping at brick-and-mortar stores, you wouldn't just go buy whatever was on the shelves, would you? Especially with things like groceries, that we have to be repetitively. You want to save money on day-to-day purchases.

That's where an Amazon rebate comes in.

Money's gotten even tighter than the era before the Internet. We all need to save as much money as we can, whenever we can.

Today, we're going to take a look at how to find an Amazon rebate. Amazon sells absolutely everything. You stand to save quite a bit of money once you learn to master the skill.

How To Get An Amazon Rebate And Mail-In Coupons

Amazon is the largest retailer on the Internet. They did a brisk $232.8 billion in business in 2018. That's a lot of money.

With so much money on the line, of course you want to save as much as cash as possible. An online rebate can amount to substantial savings, especially on high ticket items. Sometimes an Amazon rebate or mail-in coupon even lets you get things for free.

When you know how to go about it properly, that is.

Method #1: Find Your Rebates

There are an endless array of ways to save money with online purchases. There's the traditional way, where you have a coupon, maybe from a third-party like a newspaper or magazine. There are also numerous ways you can find online rebates and deals, specifically.

Let's look at a couple.

Search For Deals On A Completed Transaction

If you've recently made a purchase on Amazon, some of those items may be eligible for rebates. To find out if anything on your order is eligible, start off by going to the Amazon Rebate Center.

Once you're there, click the 'Find Offers' tab on the left-hand side of the screen. You will be prompted with a window, where you'll be able to enter your order number. You'll also need to submit the email address that you used to complete your purchase.

Should you be eligible for any savings, they'll be entered automatically.

You can also check the status of your rebates. Click the 'Track Status' option. This reveals several options to check the status of your savings.

Method #2: Claiming An Amazon Rebate

If you've purchased an item that you know features a rebate, you also file that through the Amazon Rebate HQ. The process is virtually identical to the method for looking for a rebate we mentioned above.

The only difference is, you'll need to file for that rebate before the promotional period ends. If you receive your item after the postmark deadline, you can contact Amazon Help services to assist you.

Keep in mind that once you've received a rebate for an item, it can no longer be returned.

Method #3: Third-Party Rebates

Some deals on Amazon function exactly like an in-store deal, where you have a coupon for a product. The only difference is that there's no cashier to give the coupon to.

That means you'll need to mail in the Amazon rebate yourself.

Preparing Your Mail-In Rebate

Before you send in your rebate, make sure that your product works. Once you've applied for your rebate, you won't be able to return your product.

Next, you'll probably need a rebate form. You'll probably find rebate forms on the manufacturer's website. You'll probably have to print the rebate form, as well, so you may need to hunt down a printer.

Sending In Your Rebate

Make sure you fill out the rebate form in pen and ink. Make sure that you print and not write in cursive. Certain characters can be easily mistaken for one another

Make sure that your address is correct, as well. You don't want your rebate to get sent to the wrong address. You'll want to make sure that all of the areas are filled in, as well.

You'll also need to include a phone number and email address, as well. You may have the option of adding a Skype or Google Voice address, also.

Finally, make sure that you include the UPC from your package in the envelope when you send it in.

Are You Looking For Rebates?

RebateKey splits the difference between online rebates and mail-in coupons. It saves you the hassle of mailing in coupons, while still getting you as much money back from third-party manufacturers.

If you're looking to get your Amazon rebate as quickly as possible, read our FAQ page today!

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