Whoever came up with the idea that expensive gifts are more meaningful was full of it. It’s not the price tag that matters, it’s the thought and care that goes into the gift giving. But putting in the extra effort to give a superior gift also requires time and energy and plenty of research. Great gift givers look for retailer sites that offer lots of options and no site has more gifts to choose from than Amazon.

No matter the holiday—be it Mother’s Day, Christmas, or National Sandwich Day—Amazon has the perfect gift for your loved one. Discover the best gift items such as electronics or cute clothes on Amazon.

But rather than make you do all the research, we’ve provided a shortcut: an Amazon gift guide packed with great gift ideas all under $50.

How to Find Cheap Gifts on Amazon

Before jumping into the gift list itself, it’s important to understand how to find great deals and Amazon freebies. You could simply price check each item you’re interested in or you could use a tool that will help you optimize your spending potential to find the perfect gift. So, if you’re asking, can you use coupons on Amazon, keep reading our gift guide to learn how to shop smarter with RebateKey.

Shop Smarter with RebateKey

RebateKey is a rebate platform featuring all kinds of continually changing products at great discounts. When you shop with RebateKey, you get money back thanks to its partnerships with great exclusive manufacturers' rebates. How?

  • You purchase a product
  • Report back with your rebate key
  • The seller verifies your purchase
  • 35 days later you’re mailed a check with your rebate amount

If this sounds remarkably easy, you’re right. It is.

All you need to do is find great Amazon offers, buy and report your purchase in less than an hour and you'll get your money back after 35-days.

What about the fine print?

Using RebateKey to find great gifts on Amazon is simple. But to make sure you can stock up on all the presents you need to buy, pay attention to the terms and conditions, such as:

  • You can’t order the same rebate twice – It’s against the rules to order one rebate product more than once.

  • Are there rebate limits? – Yep. RebateKey has a limit of five items per day and 50 items per month. If you start Christmas shopping in July, that will be no problem.

  • Cancellations are OK – You can cancel your order, but you must do that through the vendor you’re purchasing from, in this case, Amazon. RebateKey asks that you let the vendor know you canceled so they can then cancel your rebate.

Great Amazon Gift Ideas on the Cheap

Now that the specifics out of the way, it’s time to talk shop, or should we say talk shopping? Using RebateKey’s Amazon discount site, you can find dozens of great items to wow your friends and family.

Queen Duvet Cover

Give the thoughtful gift of a good night’s sleep with a beautiful, hotel-level duvet cover. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report that 1 out of 3 Americans aren’t getting enough sleep. Surely poor bedding has got to be contributing to this stunning static. Show your loved one you care with luxurious linens that will look and feel expensive but won’t put a burden on your pocketbook.

Splash Pad for Kids

With families on lockdown at home this summer, the demand for plastic play pools has skyrocketed. But local retailers can’t keep them in stock. That’s not the case on Amazon, however. There you can still find a variety of kids’ pools including splash pads that will spray water across the yard. Want to see your favorite kiddo’s face light up, send them a surprise package—for less than $50—with a splash pad play pool in it.

Body Butter

People jokingly use the classic Parks and Rec phrase “Treat yo’ self” as a way to communicate the need for indulgence, but ultimately self-care is more important today than ever. If you have someone in your life who could use a little TLC, this whipped body butter is just the ticket. Designed to hydrate and soften skin, it’s like a massage in a jar, but without the spa price.

And yes treat yo’ self applies to gift giving as well, hint hint.

Diaper Bag Travel Backpack

Expecting a bundle of joy soon? Treat the mama-to-be with the ultimate useful baby gift—a diaper bag travel backpack. Complete with TSA compliant travel bottles, this bag is perfect for the jet setting family, not to mention it’s a steal when compared to other diaper bags of a similar style. Add that RebateKey rebate and, baby, you’ve got a deal.

Let’s Make A Deal

With RebateKey, finding the best Amazon gift ideas for everyone in your life is easy and affordable. So, say goodbye to over-priced, and say hello to cashback. With some products offering a 90% rebate, those top-ticket items start to look a little more approachable.

Shop savvy, and make both your friends and your pocketbook happy.

To get started finding great Amazon gift deals under $50, visit RebateKey.


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