When you think of online shopping, what is the first word that comes to mind? For most of us, the answer is Amazon. 82% of shoppers have made at least one Amazon purchase.

With the discount opportunities available on this site, it is no wonder so many people choose to do their online shopping on the best-known online marketplace. But, are there opportunities to increase your Amazon savings?

Can you use coupons on Amazon for instance? The simple answer is, yes. There are several ways you can increase your Amazon savings with coupons and rebates.

Can You Use Coupons on Amazon?

Research shows that 28% of consumers prefer to start their shopping on Amazon. That is because you can often find the best prices on this marketplace site.

What many people do not know is you can also use coupons directly on the site. This allows even more savings. Combine this with their subscription services and you increase the savings even more.

Amazon coupon and savings opportunities include Prime membership, Subscribe & Save, coupons, and daily deals. The good news is you can also use outside websites to find other coupons and rebates.

A Guide to Using Coupons on Amazon

The easiest way to use coupons on Amazon is to search directly on the site. This makes couponing easier for Amazon members than most coupon opportunities. There are still outside opportunities for Amazon savings though.

Amazon Coupons

Amazon has a whole section dedicated to coupons for all kinds of items. This includes:

Household and grocery items



Games and toys

Almost any type of item sold on Amazon can qualify for a coupon. To find the available coupons, click on Today's Deals. Once there you will find a link to coupons.

The coupons section brings up a list of recommended coupons, but you have an opportunity to browse all available coupons. You can also search for coupons in specific categories so you can find exactly what you are looking for.

How to Redeem Amazon Coupons

To use a coupon, just click the clip coupon box, then add the item to your cart. You can also click on the item which clips the coupon automatically. The coupon is added to your purchase once you add the item to your cart.

You can also sign up for the weekly coupon newsletter. This allows you to see what coupons are available before you start shopping. You will also see when coupons expire so you can plan your purchases.

Subscribe & Save

Subscribe & Save is another discount opportunity available directly from the Amazon site. This works for qualified items you need to purchase regularly.

You can set up the items to ship automatically every month and save 5% on your order. If you add more items to your subscription, you can increase the savings up to 15%.

Today's Deals

You can also check out Amazon's daily deals to find discounts on items. Each day, Amazon provides discounts on different types of products.

You can find deals on any category of product on a given day. You can browse through the categories or browse all daily deals available.

Off-Site Rebates

Your savings opportunities are not dependent on Amazon deals alone. You can also sign up for an online rebate program to find outside discount opportunities.

Some of the Amazon sellers will offer rebates on these rebate sites you can redeem with proof of purchase. Sign up for an account and search the available discounts.

Once you buy the products with rebates available, you can use your rebate key to get the money back from the seller. The rebate key is usually your order number. Rebates can take the form of a check, cash, or store credit for future purchases.

Stack Your Savings

The best way to save money on Amazon purchases is to stack your savings. Amazon allows you to use as many coupons as you want when purchasing, so clip all the coupons you want to use.

Check if there are coupons on Subscribe & Save items and add these coupons to your monthly orders. You can also check for coupons on daily deals to stack your savings on these items.

You can also check for rebates directly from the seller to add further savings to Amazon coupons. Rebates only require a proof of purchase.

More Savings Tips

If you use Amazon coupons, pay attention to expiration dates. Plan to purchase early within the coupon dates so you do not miss out on the savings. Amazon can sometimes discontinue coupons if they run out of items.

You also need to shop wisely when using coupons. If you are new to couponing, it is tempting to take advantage of every deal, but this is a mistake.

1. Only Use Coupons You Need

The number one mistake with coupons is purchasing something because a coupon is available. This does not save you money though. Only purchase coupon items you would purchase anyway. If you do not need something, it does not matter how much you save with a coupon.

2. Be Willing to Purchase Off-Brand

A coupon for an item you plan to purchase will not always apply to your favorite brand. If you are willing to shop off-brand, you can get those items you want to purchase using the savings opportunities available.

If you are going to use a coupon for another brand, make sure it is an item you can shop off-brand for. Some items are best from a specific brand, so do your research before you use a coupon.

3. Check All the Deals

Sometimes you can find multiple coupons for the same types of items. This means you should not grab the first coupon you see. Do your research.

Check out all the deals available on items to find the best option. Look at the prices with the coupons to determine which is the best deal.

Money-Saving Opportunities for All Online Shopping

Can you use coupons on Amazon? Yes, but Amazon is not the only place to shop. If you shop wisely, you can find online rebates for all the major marketplaces and retail shops.

If you want to get started with your online savings, sign up for a rebate account. You can start saving money today!

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