Are you looking to buy a perfect gift for the crafter in your life? If you want an affordable gift idea that will delight any artistic loved one, look no further.

From art supplies to crafting tools—with a few fun projects in between—we’ve compiled a list of the best gifts for crafters. Whether your crafter friend has a birthday coming up or you are looking for an inexpensive Christmas gift idea for your loved one, we have all the insight on the perfect crafting gift.

If you’re looking to get some craft supply on a budget, read on for the nine best gifts for craft lovers!

What Does Every Crafter Need?

In order to find the perfect present for the crafty person in your life, you have to learn what types of projects they enjoy. Do they spend their time working on embroidery and sewing? Or are they talented with a paintbrush? The world of DIY projects is vast, and what may be the perfect gift for one craft lover may not be the best choice for another.

To determine the best gift to buy, take a look at the different categories you can choose from and find the one that best fits the crafty person you’re shopping for and then head to your nearest Hobby Lobby to get a Hobby Lobby discount on us!

Knitting and Crocheting

For the crafter who loves textile work, there’s plenty of gift ideas to choose from that will help them create their next fuzzy scarf or stylish beanie. Here are some creative gift ideas that the weaving expert in your life will love:

  • New hooks and needles – Every knitting and crocheting expert knows the importance of a fresh pair of tools. If you’ve noticed your loved one has been using the same old pair of needles or hooks for a while now, consider picking them up a nicer set.

This gift idea is great for a tight budget, with a quality pair of aluminum needles starting as low as $5.79 at Michael’s Crafts. Additionally, remember to check back with RebateKey frequently for updated Michael’s discounts to help you save even more on all your favorite craft supplies.

  • A fun yarn pattern – What’s more exciting than a beautiful new yarn pattern to work with? Look for yarn patterns that suit your loved one’s style so you can give them the gift of a DIY accessory.

  • Yarn storage – Knitting and crocheting supplies can take up quite a bit of space if you don’t have anywhere to put it. Make organization a little easier for the yarn lover in your life by gifting them a collapsible storage stand for $29.99 at Michael’s Crafts!.

  • Adorable knitting or crocheting tote – A tote bag can help your textile crafter take their pastimes with them wherever they go! Whether that’s on their daily commute or to the poolside, being able to grab your supplies and go is a gift that keeps on giving.

Scrapbooking and Decorating

Is your crafter into scrapbooking and decorating? There’s a ton of great gift options for people with this hobby, and any of these gift ideas will have them eager to start up another beautiful, craft project:

  • A new photo album – Avid scrapbookers can’t get enough photo albums, and giving them a new one is a wonderful way to kickstart their latest project.

  • Stickers – Stickers are the perfect addition to any scrapbook or decorative craft project. With such a large market for scrapbooking, you can get practically anything you want on a sticker.

  • Washi tape – In the scrapbooking world, Washi tape is coveted above all other kinds of tape. An assortment of this colorful and adorable scrapbooking tape will make your scrapbooking friend dedicate her next album to your generosity. Throw in a pair of scissors and a few fun pens with your Washi tape to give your friend a craft kit they will love.

  • Print out photos – For some scrapbookers, the most grueling part of a new craft is getting the physical photos printed. Of course, only having digital photos is easier—but it can take much of the fun out of creating the scrapbook from hand. To make your crafter’s life easier, give them the thoughtful gift of printed photos. Not only will this get them excited about more scrapbooking, but it’s also a sweet reminder of the memories you cherish with them.

Fine Art

Fine artists will also appreciate supplies as a gift to add to their craft kit. Though some art supplies can be a bit pricey, such as a set of professional paintbrushes or markers, there’s still plenty of great gift options on the cheaper side that an artist will love. To encourage their skills and make them feel appreciated, consider some of these creative and affordable gift ideas:

  • A new sketch pad – Help get their artistic juices flowing any time of the day by gifting them a new sketch pad. Get a 9 x 12 inch, 80-sheet sketchbook from Michael’s Crafts for only $5.99, and ensure the artist in your life never goes without a fresh sheet of paper.

  • High-quality ink pens – Even non-creatives can admit a smooth flowing pen is a delight to use. Artists who tend to work with ink know that a great pen can be the difference between a masterpiece and a scrapped page. The Copic 1.0 mm Multiliner pen is highly rated and considered one of the highest quality drawing pens by several different sources. The best part? It’s only $10.25 on Amazon!

  • Clay – For the fine artist who prefers a more three-dimensional medium, pick up a set of clay carving tools from Hobby Lobby for a low price of $9.99! Carving tools get put through the wringer, and a clean set will help create sharper lines and smaller details in your loved one’s next sculpture.

  • New paints – If your favorite crafter loves watercolor or acrylics, they’ll love any new additions to their pigment collection.

Get Creative With Your Crafting Gifts On RebateKey

The crafter in your life isn’t the only one who knows how to get creative. Picking out the perfect, artistic gift for someone who seems to have it all can be challenging, but you’d be surprised how many options you have. Craft supply runs out quickly, and most DIY experts are always looking for a restock of their favorite products—or even a new decorative item to try out.

RebateKey is here to help you save money on art supplies and other gift-giving ideas. If you have a health-conscious friend in your life, read our blog on gifts for healthy eaters! Getting deals is easy with our website. From Joann’s coupons to Michael’s discounts, RebateKey has all you need to get the perfect gift on a budget. All you have to do is find the rebate you want, claim it through the RebateKey site, and make your purchase. From there, just wait for your products and your check in the mail!

Good luck, and happy gifting!

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