Walmart’s slogan and promise to the American people is that they help us “save money” and “live better.” And the low prices they offer support that mission statement. If you’re not already shopping at Walmart, you’re missing out on major savings.

But even seasoned Walmart shoppers can miss out on some secret savings. In this article, we will share 8 secrets for saving money in 2020 when shopping at Walmart.

How to Save Money at Walmart Walmart’s bread and butter is their already-low prices on everything in-store. But beyond the everyday low prices, these are the 8 hacks for saving money shopping at Walmart:

1. Look for Clearances, Promotions, and Other Discounts

Relative to other stores, Walmart’s regular prices are already discounted. But on top of that, there is a clearance aisle in-store, and end-caps on aisles often feature deals. In addition, there are coupons available in a Walmart store, by mail, and online. Looking for a Walmart coupon is the first step toward saving extra money on purchases.

But the best way to get discounts consistently is to do your homework.

2. Learn About Markdowns

Many retailers use dynamic pricing, where an item’s cost will rise or drop over time. Walmart is no different. You can see price adjustment for yourself by looking at what a regular item costs on different weeks, or on different days in the same week. At Walmart, there are some specific patterns to learn when it comes to taking advantage of price changes:

  • Price codes– Like most retailers, Walmart uses numerical codes to indicate whether prices are full or marked down: prices ending in .07 are starting prices, whereas prices ending .05 are first markdowns, and .01 indicates final markdowns.

  • Daily price change schedules – Walmart changes prices most often on Tuesdays. Why not schedule around that?

  • Savvy time-based savings– Just as there are best times to buy goods around the calendar year, there are also the best times of day to purchase products at individual stores. Learn the rhythms of your local Walmart. For instance, deli products often go on sale early in the morning.

3. Buy Generic and Refurbished

Since even doctors and professional chefs buy generic versions of certain products, there’s no reason you should always buy name-brand items. Walmart’s in-house great value brand offers excellent quality at a fraction of the price.

Similar thinking applies to Walmart’s certified refurbished electronics. Why buy brand new if the features you need are available on a lightly-used, basically-new model? You can browse in-store or online. That brings us to the next hack...

4. Shop Online

Shopping online provides the major benefit of letting you peruse a Walmart store from the comfort of your computer (or phone) on your own time. Also, Walmart’s website makes savings easy with special departments like the Savings Spotlight page.

But the website isn’t the only way to shop online.

5. Download the Walmart App

The Walmart app optimizes the convenience of Walmart online shopping for your smartphone or tablet. It saves you money by putting deals in the palm of your hand, and it also grants you early access to holiday deals and streamlines payment with Walmart Pay.

In addition, it boasts built-in price-matching functionality.

6. Take Advantage of Price Matching

Is another local store offering the same product as Walmart, but at a lower price? Walmart will match the price. All you have to do is show your cashier the ad for the other store’s deal, and that price will be honored at checkout.

Walmart’s price match policy applies not only to other retailers but also to any Walmart deal available online but not advertised in-store.

7. Deliver or Pick Up For Free

Orders over $35 qualify for free shipping, and many items can be delivered in two days. If that doesn’t work for you, or your order doesn't meet the threshold, you can have your order delivered to your local Walmart for free Pickup Today.

8. Install a Cash-Saving or Cash-Back App

Finally, you can look for help from a cash-saving app like RebateKey.

With us, your purchase ID is your KEY to savings. We work with sellers like Walmart to get you rebates, or cash back on purchases, ranging from 10-100% of the price. Saving is as easy as reporting your order ID (your KEY) and waiting 35 days for your check.

You handle the shopping. We’ll handle saving you money.

How to Get the Best Deal at Walmart

Whether you’re actively trying to save money or not, at Walmart, smart shopping is unavoidable. But actively trying, with the hacks above, is the best way to guarantee you’re getting the best deal possible.

Do you know what else is guaranteed to save you money? RebateKey.

With our help, you can save money on all your shopping at Walmart and elsewhere. Now that you know how to save money shopping at Walmart, why not maximize your savings across the board?

Whether you’re looking for how to save on car rentals, hotels, meal plan delivery, clothing, accessories, and more, use our deal tool and guidance to start saving today!


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