Summertime is upon us and the combination of hot weather and recent reopenings has everyone eager to find ways to celebrate the season.

Stay at home orders and quarantines worldwide during the past few months have only amplified the need for some outside time. But unlike in the past, you’ll have to look for new things to do this summer while practicing social distancing.

Instead of listing all of the things you cannot do, it’s time to focus on the fun summer activities you can. There are plenty of free things to do during the summer that won’t empty your wallet. Whether you’re looking for ways to spend time with your family or want to use this time to accomplish a specific goal, our list of free things to do for summer will have something for you!

60 Free Things to Do for Summer

Okay, so your European vacation may be cancelled, no problem. There are plenty of ways to have an equally exciting summer without straying too far from home.

Get Outside!

Explore the world around you! Hike, bike, walk the dog or take up a new sport while hanging out in the summer sun.

  1. Go on a bike ride
  2. Set up camp in your backyard
  3. Have a picnic at the park
  4. Take a hike
  5. Plan a walking tour of your neighborhood
  6. Watch the sunset
  7. Create an at home water park with sprinklers
  8. Gaze at the stars
  9. Feed the birds
  10. Collect rocks, shells and flowers
  11. Watch the fireflies
  12. Adventure on a new trail

Crafts & DIY Projects

Spring cleaning was the start of the season of home DIY projects, but that doesn’t mean it ends there. Carve some time out to improve your home, get organized and be creative.

  1. Start gardening or plant something new
  2. Decorate or cut up clothing to make a new outfit
  3. Take on a home decorating project
  4. Organize every room in your house
  5. Press flowers to make bookmarks
  6. Tie dye an old shirt with natural dye made from fruit and flowers
  7. Paint rocks for your garden
  8. Draw a still life portrait
  9. Decorate mason jars as candle holders
  10. Learn how to make jam
  11. Make memories by starting a photo album or collection (physical or digital)
  12. Have a (small) face painting party

Connect with Your Community

As cities and hometowns alike continue to cautiously reopen, now is the time to give back to your community and reconnect with those around you.

  1. Visit the library
  2. Plan an outside movie night for your neighborhood
  3. Host an outdoor acoustic concert for local musicians
  4. Volunteer at a local nonprofit
  5. Tune in to your town’s city council meeting
  6. Have an outdoor potluck
  7. Donate clothes and goods to a nonprofit
  8. Host a virtual dance party
  9. Start a virtual book club
  10. Foster a cat or dog
  11. Participate in a community clean up
  12. Advocate for a cause close to you

Challenge Yourself

Though lounging poolside should be a part of your summer routine, take some time out to challenge yourself. Learn a new skill or set out for a different experience.

  1. Swap books with a friend to read more
  2. Work on your car
  3. Take a free online course
  4. Stick to an exercise routine
  5. Start journaling
  6. Keep track of something (like the weather)
  7. Organize a virtual event
  8. Bake something new
  9. Make a meal with ingredients in your cabinets you don’t usually use
  10. Get into extreme couponing
  11. Learn how to build a budget
  12. Practice mindfulness and meditation

Family Fun!

You can find fun things to do while at home too. Take this time to strengthen your bond with close family and friends.

  1. Build an indoor fort
  2. Make s’mores (inside or outside)
  3. Take a scenic drive
  4. Plan a game night
  5. Make homemade ice cream
  6. Try an at-home science experiment
  7. Draw on the sidewalk with chalk
  8. Have a backyard barbecue
  9. Turn your bathroom into a spa for a day
  10. Call family that is long distance to check in
  11. Have an indoor fashion show
  12. Draw portraits of each other

How to Stay Healthy during your Summer Fun

No matter how you choose to spend your time this summer, it is important to keep up to date with CDC guidelines to stay healthy and safe. In addition, check your state and local updates to make sure that you comply.

Of course, there are a few basic ways to keep you and your family safe during all of your free summer activities. To do so, you can practice the following:

  • Wash your hands frequently for at least 20 seconds each time.
  • Keep hand sanitizer nearby (in your car, throughout your home, in your purse or backpack).
  • Wear a mask when visiting a public place.
  • Try to keep a distance of at least 6 feet from people.
  • Pay attention to how you’re feeling. If you’re under the weather, stay home and rest.

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