Grocery shopping is an unavoidable part of life. After all, where else are you going to find frozen pizza for those long nights of important business (ahem… Netflix) to take care of?

If groceries are a weekly staple, then it’s helpful to be armed with some savvy-shopping skills. Cash back apps are one of the easiest ways to cut down on food costs. By offering discounts, rebates, and other rewards, you can save hundreds when stocking your pantry.

Curious to join the fun? As smart shopping experts, our team at RebateKey knows how to navigate the grocery aisles. Check out our picks for the best cash back grocery shopping apps.

Grocery Rewards—How They Work

If you’re new to cash back apps, don’t worry. Let’s break down the ins-and-outs of a typical grocery rewards program.

Cash back apps are a win-win for customers and stores. Sellers get extra business through offering exclusive deals, while buyers pocket their savings on discounted purchases. Tapping into this on-demand resource can save you time and money at the grocery store.

So, how do you save money with a cash back reward app? Most programs give a few methods for earning rewards points or cash rewards, including:

  • Specific item purchases – Apps will designate store items to buy for rewards, granting the bonus points or value post-purchase.

  • Proof of purchase – With uploaded or automatically transferred receipts, you can earn cash back on your shopping trips.

  • Location visitation – Certain apps reward you just for stepping inside a store. Earnings tend to be low for this action, but every point counts.

  • Tasks & missions – A zero-purchase option, tasks like watching an advertisement or answering a poll can earn you free points.

Depending on the app, your accumulated points can turn into gift cards, direct payment, or store vouchers. After that, it’s up to you how to spend your savings.

Remember to pick the best grocery cash back app for you. Time, shopping preferences, and store locations are all important factors to consider for a grocery shopping app.

Our Top Grocery Cash Back Apps

Not all apps are created equal. At RebateKey, we prefer secure cash back apps that offer flexible and exclusive rewards to customers (hint hint: like our own program).

To start saving on almond milk and other important business snacks, let’s dive into the top grocery cash back apps.

1. RebateKey

Not only do we have exclusive clothing, technology, and beauty deals—RebateKey can also cut down on your grocery bill. From premium coffee to tasty snacks, we offer both coupons and rebate rewards on grocery essentials. For your convenience, access our discounts via a browser extension or mobile app. You can also check out our blog posts all about personal finance, like rebate vs discount, or our top cash back apps (not for groceries!).


  • Offers promo coupon codes & rebate rewards
  • Seamless keycode system for cash back
  • Exclusive discounts for brands
  • Mobile & desktop access
  • Free membership


  • Competitive—deals sell fast
  • Only works with direct payment (i.e., no gift cards)

2. Fetch Rewards

Big fan of a particular store? Fetch Rewards is a good fit for the brand devotee. If you upload any grocery shopping receipt, they’ll give you points no matter the grocery purchase. However, they only deliver your rewards via gift cards or store vouchers—no direct cash payout here.


  • Rewards all proven purchases
  • Only requires receipt scans
  • Easy-to-use app interface


  • Requires points minimum to cash-out
  • No direct cash payment
  • Limited gift card options (major retailers only)

3. Checkout51

Attention weekly grocery shoppers—you should “check out” the fresh deals every Thursday on Checkout51. With a built-in camera and wide range of store options, this app is tailored for savvy in-store deals (no online grocery buys or discounts here). Keep in mind that payout is limited to mailed checks or a Paypal account.


  • Easy-to-use in physical stores
  • Mobile & desktop formats
  • Referral program with rewards


  • $20 payout threshold
  • Don’t accept e-receipts
  • Limited payout options
  • Excludes certain members from offers

4. Shopkick

Shopkick is the Renaissance-person of cash back apps for groceries. You can earn rewards a number of ways, from scanning products to simply walking into grocery stores. With their low payment value, you might have to watch video advertisements or complete surveys to earn enough points.


  • Numerous earning methods
  • Purchase-free points options
  • Works for in-store & online purchases


  • Time-intensive
  • Limited locations
  • Mobile app only


If you want an immediate grocery discount, is your friend. Think of it as a coupon book turned digital—you can access hundreds of coupons barcodes all from your mobile device. Their discount and cash back options are wide, but you’ll be stuck with in-store purchases only.


  • Upfront shopping discounts
  • Easy mobile access
  • Seamlessly integrates with store membership cards


  • In-store purchases only
  • Frequent app bugs & difficulties
  • No sign-up bonus or referral program

6. CoinOut

Stop dropping that leftover change into a dusty jar. Next time you’re at the grocery register, let CoinOut transfer your change value into a digital wallet. Although limited to only a few major store chains, your saved change can shave off a few dollars on your next shopping trip.


  • Easy-access digital wallet
  • Accepts transferred change & cash back rewards
  • Offers free gift card & direct cash payouts


  • Limited store options
  • Zero upfront discounts or promos
  • No standard cash back rate for receipts

Secure, Safe Shopping

Privacy issues are more prevalent than ever. Everything from social media to news sites mine the personal data of their visitors.

With cash back apps, it’s important to choose secure and safe portals. Our above list includes only verified reward programs—no scams or identity theft. But if you look at other apps, keep these safety standards in mind:

  • SSL certification – Promises that all user app data is encrypted
  • Sensitive information – Never requires your SSN or bank account information
  • Account creation – Sets up a username, passcode, and payment account for each user
  • Recruitments – Zero enforced member recruitments or referrals
  • Payout time – Payout or rewards granted within a certain amount of days

Fill Your Cart and Cut Costs

You may be able to reduce your nightlife or vacation spending. But groceries? That’s one expense that will never fade away. Download a trusted cash back app from the app store today, and you’ll begin saving some serious money at the register. Your future self will thank you for the thrifty meal.

Not sure where to start? RebateKey has you covered. Browse the virtual aisles of our grocery selection to catch today’s best deals.


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