Do you ever wonder how people survived without Amazon? With over 100 million Prime members, this online retailer is crucial to many people’s daily lives. It’s a convenient, one-stop-shop for household items, novelty gifts, and everything in between.

In fact, over 80% of American households have an Amazon Prime membership, enabling them to enjoy free shipping and many other perks. These dedicated Amazon consumers even have their own holiday, known as “Prime Day.” During this special Summer sale, any Prime member can get exclusive Amazon deals and deep discounts on trendy fashion, tech gadgets, savvy kitchen appliances, and more.

Amazon has over 12 million products to choose from, leaving many Prime customers overwhelmed with options. To help you out, this article will highlight five of the best things to buy on Amazon Prime. We even have a blog on how to save money on Amazon.

What are the Best Things to Buy on Amazon Prime?

While the list of worthwhile Amazon products is endless, here are five noteworthy Amazon products every Prime member should check out today:

1. An Instant Pot

The Instant Pot is a powerful pressure cooker that will transform your kitchen. This 6-in-1 cooker does pretty much everything, including:

  • Pressure cooking
  • Slow cooking
  • Rice cooking
  • Sautéing
  • Steaming
  • Warming

Whether you want to sauté veggies, slow cook a hearty stew, or make a batch of rice and beans for the week, the Instant Pot can do it all. Instant Pot users fall in love with this versatile appliance because it’s so easy to use. All you have to do is toss in your ingredients, set the cooking time, and let it work its magic. A timer will alert you once your food is ready. Clean-up is simple too since you don’t need any extra pots and pans for your meal’s preparation.

Save time and counter space by investing in an Instant Pot on Amazon. It will cost around $60 to $100, depending on the model. Based on its rave reviews, it’s well worth the money.

2. Anti-Glare, Blue Light Blocking Computer Glasses

Most people spend a considerable amount of their day staring at screens, whether they’re reading articles like this one or browsing Amazon’s search results. Computer and tablet screens emanate blue light, which is known to strain the eye.

This blue light also tells your brain that it’s daytime. That’s why many sleep specialists recommend avoiding screens before bedtime. If you can’t commit to a screen-break before bed, there’s another solution. Just put on a pair of blue-light-blocking glasses. These glasses block blue light and reduce glare on your screen.

In turn, you can scroll and snooze back-to-back with ease. Get a pair of these glasses for just $15 on Amazon!

3. Bamboo Bed Sheets

Speaking of sleep, if you find yourself getting overheated and sweaty at night, you need to try out some of Amazon’s bamboo bed sheets. These sheets are:

  • Breathable
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Wrinkle-proof

Bamboo sheets help you get a great night’s sleep, free from uncomfortable night sweats and allergies. These sheets come in a wide range of colors and boast “spa-like” softness. They also come with a lifetime warranty, serving as a testament to their quality.

These amazing bed sheets can be yours on Amazon for around $35. By purchasing them, you can say goodbye to night sweats in the Summer months once and for all!

4 Fujifilm Instax Mini Camera

If you love all things retro, you’ll love the FujiFilm Instax Mini camera. This compact polaroid camera brings old-time nostalgia into the digital age. It comes with the following features:

  • A selfie mirror
  • A macro lens adaptor
  • Automatic exposure to ensure perfect lighting
  • AA battery power

This camera’s available in many fun colors, including ice blue, flamingo pink, and lime green. It’s the perfect accessory to take out with your friends and capture your special memories on the go.

The FujiFilm Instax Mini camera goes for $59 on Amazon, making it an ideal gift for you or someone you love.

5.A Detangling Brush

If you’re shopping with a $15 budget, one awesome Amazon find is a detangling brush. While basic in design, this hairbrush won’t break your hair, even if it’s fragile or chemically-treated. It’s even safe to use on hair extensions.

Best of all, this hairbrush promotes healthy blood circulation by stimulating your scalp with a relaxing massage. In turn, you can painlessly tackle your tangles and enjoy the process.

Join the thousands of Amazon reviewers who claim this brush changed their life for just $11!

Save on Amazon with RebateKey

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