You might want to start thinking of what presents you want to buy for that special woman in your life. After all, the shopping malls get crowded come December, and you don't need the added stress of trying to navigate through that mess.

Are you pondering what to get that special woman in your life this Christmas? Read on, and we'll give you some great ideas on gifts for women to draw inspiration from!

Spa Day Certificate

Your sweetie works hard every day to provide for your family. Whether it's long days at the office or endless ones at home with the kids, she's probably worn out from everything life throws at her.

What could be better than a day off, all to herself? A spa day is just what your wife needs.

She'll get some much-needed time away from the chaos at home and get to spend all day relaxing and reflecting. The employees at the spa will make sure to pamper and spoil her throughout her treatments.

When your love comes home, she'll seem like a brand new and rejuvenated woman!

Flower Growing Kit

Maybe your spouse doesn't have much of a green thumb. Or perhaps you're currently in a living situation where she doesn't have a huge yard to plant flowers in.

In these cases, flower growing kits are perfect. These are practically foolproof, which means anyone can grow flowers from these. Plus, they're compact, which means they can go on your kitchen windowsill and still flourish.

This can help your wife dip her toes into gardening. If she likes it, then you can buy her more seeds and plants in the future so she can have a fantastic time in the yard.

New Handbag

Is your significant other a handbag snob but can't bear to part with her money to get a new one? Show her how much you love her this Christmas by buying her a new Coach or Hermes handbag to replace her old one.

If your wife doesn't care about brand names, it can still be a considerate gesture to buy her a new handbag. For example, if she's a sensible woman who likes simple and useful things, you can buy her a handbag that has many pockets and a special pocket for a charger.

By paying attention to small details like that, you can show her that you understand her needs and are considerate enough to cater to them.

Makeup Palette

This may sound like something trivial, but for some women, they spend a fortune on top-of-the-line makeup products. Makeup buffs will love it if you gift them a pricey makeup palette that's not only well-known but also gives them great results.

So before you swipe your credit card for the most expensive palette, do some research first. If your other half has a favorite makeup brand, start there and see what they have in stock.

Look up reviews to make sure that you're not buying duds. The last thing you want to do is drop a significant amount of cash on something your wife won't be impressed by.

Also, check for rebates on the makeup you buy her. When you can get away with not paying the full price, it feels great for your wallet!


Is your sweetie a bookworm? And is she always on the go?

She may not have the space to lug around a book wherever she goes, or her commute is so jam-packed it doesn't allow her to rummage around in her bag for a book.

An excellent solution is to buy her an e-reader. You can even preload it with her favorite books so they're ready for her to read as soon as she unwraps her present!

E-readers are great because you can store hundreds of books in a small, compact electronic device. Plus, they're designed for all sorts of reading conditions, so your loved one won't have to worry about things like too much glare or not enough lighting.

Ancestry Testing Kit

Since technology has made leaps and bounds, it's become possible for everyone to get their DNA sequenced to tell where their ancestors are from. If your wife's ever wondered about her lineage, this is the perfect gift for her.

Many people have gotten in touch with relatives they didn't know existed because of these testing kits. Your wife may discover a long lost relative! If you're planning on having kids (or already have some), you can tell them about their ancestral heritage.

Some kits also come with health assessments to help your wife get a better picture of her overall health and what they need to look out for in the future.

Scented Candles

This gift may sound basic, but you can never have too many scented candles. Candles can bring a lot of joy and relaxation to the room with just a flick of the lighter.

If your wife's always stressed out and can't make time for a spa day or massage, having scented candles is the next best thing. The next time she's stressed over something, light the candle, sit her down, and give her a massage. It's guaranteed to work wonders.

Make sure to buy soy candles, as ones with paraffin wax are harmful to your health.

Buy These Great Gifts for Women

Aren't the above gifts for women amazing ideas? Your significant other is sure to love anything from our helpful list.

Finish your Christmas shopping early. Now that you have a handy list to refer to, you're sure to get all your wife's gifts bought and wrapped long before December is here!

Make sure to sign up with us to get some great rebates on your presents. All you need to do is wait 35 days and you'll get money back!

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