Teaching is far from an easy profession. Those who spend their lives educating people are essential to society, and it’s only fair that doing so should come with a few financial benefits.

While you may be aware that some stores and services offer discounts to educators, you might not realize the full extent to which you can save.

That’s why RebateKey is here to help. Below is a list of various programs and discounts for teachers. Keep these stores with teacher discounts in mind next time you’re stocking up on school supplies, searching for affordable services, or simply looking to do a little shopping for yourself.

What Can Teachers Get Discounts For?

When you think about what educators buy, the obvious items probably come to mind:

  • Notebooks
  • Markers
  • Scissors
  • Apples (just kidding!)

Yes, regular school supplies are offered at a reduced price for teachers by many stores. However, the amount of deals teachers can receive actually extends beyond the classroom. From membership programs that offer a wide variety of benefits, to reduced prices on clothing, and even travel expenses—the list goes on.

So what can teachers get discounts for? All kinds of things. Here are some of the surprising ways teachers can save big in their professional and personal lives.


A great way to utilize savings as an educator is to sign up for teacher-specific membership programs. Groups like the American Federation of Teachers, the National Education Association, and the Association of American Educators are some of the most well-known and helpful memberships to look into for deals and reduced price services.

  • American Federation of Teachers – With 1.7 million members nationwide, this teaching association has over 3,000 affiliate stores. The AFT offers a membership card that provides benefits such as discounts on electronics, student loan assistance, meal planning services, and savings on car rentals.

  • National Education Association – The National Educator Association offers a helpful program for union members called National Education Association Members Benefits (NEAMB). These NEA member benefits include discounted insurance rates, cellular service, and travel perks. This membership is widely known and has affiliates with many different services for both year round and limited time deals.

  • Association of American Educators – At a low fee of $16.50 per month, the AAE membership program provides a wide variety of discounts. This is a great option for teachers looking for savings on professional matters. The AAE program provides up to $200,000 in liability insurance, employment rights coverage, scholarships and grants, and more.

Art Supplies

One of the hardest aspects of entering the education field is the fact that most teachers have to purchase their own classroom supplies.

For teachers in the arts, and educators of young children, art supplies can be one of the most costly expenses. Paints, construction paper, markers—all of these add up, and it can be tricky to keep your art department stocked up without breaking the bank.

Fortunately, many art supply stores offer discounts to educators. Here are some of the best stores for teachers looking to encourage their students’ artistic minds.

1. Michaels Teacher Discount

When it comes to art supplies, Michaels is a huge name. While you’ve most likely shopped here in the past, you may not know that Michaels actually offers a 15% special discount to all educators. The Michaels teacher discount can be applied to your entire purchase, and it only requires a simple verification process.

To ensure you get your Michaels discounts, just head over to the Michaels website and click on the teacher discount page. Once you’re there, you’ll go through the standard process of creating an account with your email and password. After you’ve created your account, the website will ask you a few questions to ensure you’re a school teacher, including information from your school ID. After you’ve verified yourself, you’re good to go!

The 15% educator discount can be applied in store or online, so however you like to shop, you’ll be able to save.

2. Hobby Lobby Teacher Discount

Hobby Lobby has a wide variety of art supplies at an affordable price. While the Hobby Lobby teacher discount is a bit more complicated than Michaels, it’s a great option if done correctly.

Hobby Lobby offers a 10% discount on all classroom purchases for educators. The trick to getting this special discount is that you have to pay with a credit card or check provided by your school district.

If paying with a school issued card or check isn’t possible, you can always use a Hobby Lobby coupon from savvy-shopper sites, like RebateKey, or choose from ones that are permanently listed on their website.

If you find a coupon on their website, print the coupon for in-store purchases, or do your shopping online to have it automatically applied to your total. If you’re really looking to stack your savings, use both of these discounts together to get an even better deal on arts and crafts haul.

3. Joann Fabrics Teacher Discount

Joann may be known for its fabrics, but their selection of goods doesn’t stop there. The store sells tons of supplies to turn your classroom into an art gallery, including:

  • Art and painting supplies
  • Children’s toys
  • Puzzles
  • Games
  • Science project kits

The Joann teacher discount is easily accessible and can be used on any purchase, at any time. To receive the discount, all you need to do is join the Joann Teacher Rewards program. To do this, you need to visit their website and fill in some basic information, including your name, email, school name, and valid teacher ID number.

Once you’ve signed up for the Teacher Rewards program you’ll receive Joann coupons of 15% off all your purchases in-store or online. This is one of the best deals educators can get on art supplies, so don’t be fooled by the name—Joann Fabrics has far more than fabrics.

Office Supplies

Aside from art supplies, educators also need more standard items. From smaller classroom purchases like pencils and notebooks, to larger furniture items, the costs can add up. Don’t worry, there are plenty of discounts in this category as well.

4. Office Depot Teacher Discount

Office Depot is currently running a sale for all educators from July to September of 2020. Additional Office Depot coupons can be claimed via RebateKey or their website.

All you need to do to receive the Office Depot teacher discount is to create a free rewards membership online or in person.

When you check out, simply show your membership ID number and the coupon upon purchase, and you’ll be able to start saving on anything from calculators to classroom furniture.

5. Staples Teacher Discount

Another great resource for educators is the Staples Classroom Rewards program. This option is interesting because it provides discounts to teachers and allows other customers to choose their favorite educators to receive rewards points for their purchases.

Whether customers choose to help their children’s teachers or loved ones in the education field, 20% of all their purchases will go toward rewards points that are placed directly in the chosen teacher’s account.

When teachers enroll in the Classroom Rewards program, they will instantly receive a $5 gift card. When using the rewards program, the more classroom supplies you purchase at Staples, the more points you will acquire. This can ultimately result in up to a $250 savings from Staples deals every three months.

This is a discount that rewards you for shopping, and allows you to save money on more school supplies (because you can never have a classroom that’s too stocked up).

6. Best Buy Teacher Discount

Best Buy Educators is a program that offers free Best Buy business accounts to teachers. This program comes with a ton of benefits, but here are the ones that will help most when shopping for the classroom:

  • Financing Options – The Best Buy Educators business account allows you to pay off larger purchases in installments, rather than all at once. This is a perk the average Best Buy customer doesn’t receive.

  • Free Shipping – When purchasing online orders over $35 dollars, Best Buy Educators members are rewarded with free shipping.

  • Tax Exemption – Best Buy is one of few stores that offer an exemption of sales tax for educators. This means you won’t get stuck with any hefty tax percentages on large electronic purchases that are already pricey as is.

  • Exclusive Best Buy Deals – This program will keep you up to date on all the specials and deals for educators.

  • Student Discounts - Best Buy also offers discounts for students. To find out how to get a Best Buy student discount, visit their website or your local Best Buy location.

Technology is becoming essential for schools. With remote learning, e-readers, and computer use in the classroom, it’s important to stick with an electronics provider that appreciates the needs of educators.


Many teachers, especially those who teach younger children, have to buy their own books for the classroom. Whether you’re looking for textbooks or novels, you’d be surprised by the amount of discounts teachers can receive on books they purchase themselves.

Here are some of the best places to shop for all your literary needs.

7. Amazon Teacher Discount

While Amazon does not offer any teacher-specific discounts, it is one of the most affordable places to get any book you’re looking for.

RebateKey has a collection of Amazon offers that will help any school teacher stock their classroom library.

8. Barnes & Noble Teacher Discount

Barnes & Noble is a household name for book lovers. One of the last chain bookstores that can be found across the country, Barnes & Noble is easily accessible. They also provide notable discounts and show some much-needed appreciation for teachers.

To access these exclusive educator discounts, teachers have to sign up for a free rewards program called Barnes & Noble Educators. Once they’ve gained this membership status, teachers will receive 20% off all purchases made for the classroom, as well as discounts as high as 25% on teacher appreciation days.

Currently, these teacher appreciation days are every Saturday and Sunday in August, but they can vary throughout the year. Either way, whether it’s a specified day or any other day of the week, Barnes & Noble has made it their mission to assist educators, and provide them with the best deals on books.

9. Books-a-Million Teacher Discount

Books-a-Million is another bookstore chain found throughout the nation. While their locations are a bit more sparse than Barnes & Noble, they also offer some helpful discounts to teachers looking for books and other educational resources. Books-a-Million offers a wide variety of literature, as well as educational games and toys for the classroom.

Simply head over to a Books-a-Million location or go on their website to register for a Books-a-Million Educator Discount Card. This card will provide:

  • A 20% discount on most purchases for all teachers, librarians, and home-school educators
  • Free shipping off their online store
  • Special deals both in store and online during their annual Educator
  • Appreciation Week
  • Updates on Best Buy coupons

All you need to access these discounts is a valid school ID to verify your educator status. Once you’ve completed your account, you’re ready to start saving.

Personal Expenses

Who said all your purchases have to be for the classroom?

Teachers have a lot on their plate. They get very little time to enjoy themselves, due to the vast amount of work that gets done after the last bell rings at 3:00 pm. Whether they’re up late grading papers, or preparing lesson plans early in the morning, teachers are constantly working.

Here are a few places that offer discounts to teachers when they’re not teaching—because free time matters too.

10. Champion Teacher Discount

Champion sportswear is one of the few clothing and footwear chains that offers a discount to teachers. This discount can only be used on the champion website through the use of ID.me (an identity verifying service).

Once you’re verified, you will receive a discount code for 10% off any purchase. So if you’re looking for some new workout clothes, or a comfortable pair of shoes to wear at school, check this deal out.

11. Walmart Teacher Discount

Many participating Walmart locations hold exclusive educator discounts to celebrate teacher appreciation week. In 2019, this included a 15% discount for all educators, along with free bags of goodies and a cake.

RebateKey offers a list of Walmart promotions as well, so you can always stay up to date on the deals they’re offering. Walmart is a great place for educators both during teacher appreciation week and not, due to their wide variety of goods both for the classroom and the home.

Whether you’re looking for a deal on notebooks, or you need some new gadgets for yourself, Walmart has the deals.

12. Disney Teacher Discount

If you’re looking to have a little fun on a budget, use Disney Springs Resorts. Disney offers a discounted rate of $75 a night for educators. These affiliate resorts include:

  • The Hilton Orlando
  • Holiday Inn
  • Best Western
  • DoubleTree Suites

You can also check RebateKey for additional Disney coupons to ensure you have the most fun for the smallest amount of money.

Are Discounts For Teachers Legit?

With online shopping and electronic coupon clipping becoming more popular, it can be confusing to determine when you’re actually eligible for a good deal.

This list is a great start to finding legitimate deals that will actually help make your classroom (and your bank account) a little happier.

Remember to always ask if a store provides a teacher’s discount, because you never know when educator appreciation deals could be going on. Finally, check RebateKey for further deals and cashback offerings.

Shop on, savvy shoppers!


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