Extreme couponing is an extreme sport. It takes training, knowledge, and strategy to become a savvy shopper and beat stores and manufacturers at their own game. But luckily, anyone can become an extreme couponer. All you need is time, dedication, and a few tips and tricks.

Oh, and lots and lots of coupons. Maybe, coupon clippers if you really want to level up.

If you’re wondering how to become an extreme couponer, look no further than this guide.

1. Make Time

Couponing is as much an art form as it is a science. Set aside a little time every week to learn the in’s and out’s, do some clipping, and organize your coupons. The time you put into mastering the art of extreme couponing will result in fabulous future savings.

2. Create an Organizational System that Works for You

An extreme couponer’s best friend is a well-organized binder. Resist the temptation to raid your kid’s school supplies for your coupon binder, and instead, use this list to make your first extreme couponing essential binder:

Binder – Look for a binder with a 2-3 inch ring that zips up. The zipping feature will keep your multiple coupons all in one place (instead of all over the car seat after a sudden stop).

Clear Plastic Pockets – If you’ve ever collected Pokemon or baseball cards, you’re probably familiar with three-hole punched clear plastic pockets. Fill your binder with these to give your coupons a neat and orderly place to call home.

Dividers with Tabs – Dividers will help you organize your coupons by manufacturer, store, product type, or expiration date. You’ll be able to find the exact coupons you need, right when you need them.

3. Bring on the Coupons

The most important part of being a couponing expert is . . . well, the coupon savings! And the more coupons you have access to, the higher your savings. Try these tips to increase your coupon stash:

Max Out on Mailers – The advertisements you get in the mail are a fantastic resource for coupons. Call the advertiser and sign yourself up for additional subscriptions using your same address but a different name so you can double your savings by using duplicate coupons.

Subscribe to Your Favorite Stores – Grocery stores, department stores, and even salons have their own mailers and magazines. Subscribe to their newsletters or mailing lists to find the coupons you’ll use most often. For example, learn how to extreme coupon at Walmart or Target, or any other places you love to shop.

Find Coupons from the Brands You Love – Do a little research on your favorite brands and manufacturers, then sign up for their store coupon or newsletter services.

4. Get Digital with Coupons

When it comes to extreme couponing, the more coupons, the merrier, expand your savings through the World Wide Web of extreme couponing. All coupons on RebateKey are digital and easy to use!

5. Familiarize Yourself with Store Policies

Each store has a different policy when it comes to coupons. Study up on each of your favorite stores’ coupon rules until you know them by heart. Your studying will pay off, literally.

Extreme Coupon Tip:Print out copies of your favorite stores’ coupon policy and keep them in your purse. If a store manager hesitates to accept your coupons, you can show him or her how well you know your stuff.

6. Read the Fine Print on Every Coupon Before You Use Them

Is there anything worse than being stuck in the checkout line behind a frustrated extreme couponer who didn’t read the full terms and conditions of the coupons she’s trying to use?

Yes. Being that frustrated shopper who can’t use her coupon code.

Familiarize yourself with the fine print of your coupons before you start shopping to buy (and save) with confidence. For serious couponers, there is nothing more frustrating than an expired coupon.

7. Timing is Everything

Don’t waste your coupons on full-priced items, and instead wait to use your coupons once the store is offering a sale on those items. You’ll get even more out of your coupon code when applied to already discounted products than on a full-priced item. Now that’s smart savings!

8. Learn from the Masters

The most straightforward answer to “how to become a couponer in the extreme?” is to learn from the best. Get involved in online and real-life couponer groups to swap tips and tricks.

Join Online Coupon Groups– Almost every social media platform has a forum for extreme couponers. Search on your favorite social media sites to find fellow extreme couponers like you!

Follow Couponer Blogs – If you’re starting as an extreme couponer, it always helps to learn from the people who’ve been extreme couponing for years. Follow couponer blogs and learn from their experience clipping coupons.

9. Be Kind to the Staff

Sometimes, extreme couponers can have a reputation for being a little intense. That’s why a little bit of kindness goes a long way when you’re in the checkout line going through your shopping list and corresponding store coupons. Register workers will be more likely to point you to great deals, honor stack coupons, and even look the other way if you want to apply an expired coupon. But, this perk usually comes to those who are kind and courteous.

10. A Extreme Couponer’s Secret Weapon: Rebates

For a money-savvy shopper, rebates are a gold mine. Rebates allow you to get money back from your purchases right from the manufacturer. However, to cash in on your rebates, some companies will require additional steps to claim your savings. But the wisest extreme couponers know where to find incredible products and get their refund at the touch of a button—RebateKey.

RebateKey:Extreme Coupon Discounts Without the Coupon Clippers

RebateKey simplifies the rebate process to help you get your money faster than ever. Simply claim the rebate, buy the product, and check your mailbox for your refund. You’ll find incredible deals and fabulous top-selling name brands on RebateKey.


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