March 2019, Amazon Prime had 103 million U.S. subscribers, an increase of over 20 million since previous March. This rise in popularity is because of the convenience and benefits of participating.

In fact, Prime has so many side benefits that you might not know about them all. Here are 10 Amazon perks you do not want to miss out on.

1: Fast and Free Shipping

Free two-day shipping is one of the better-known perks, but with Prime, you get that and more.

With Prime Now, orders over $35 can be delivered the same day, or at latest the next day if you order after noon. You might even get it within the hour, depending on your location and the item.

This service is available in select cities, so be sure to check if your area is covered. Even if you do not have it in your home city, this is a great option to have while traveling, for any of those items that you forgot to pack.

If you do not need your item in a hurry, you get another shipping bonus. When you choose the no-rush option for your order, you get a credit that can be applied to later purchases such as movie rentals and e-books.

2: Unlimited Photo Storage

Photos capture many precious memories, but if you do not back them up, you are at risk of losing them.

With the free Amazon Photo app, you do not need to worry about that. Once you have it, you have unlimited storage space in the Prime Vault, where you can access your photos at any time. This storage happens automatically, including when you are on vacation, making it one of the best Amazon travel deals.

3: Prime Reading

Amazon has not forgotten its roots as a bookstore with its Prime benefits. Whatever and however you like to read, Prime has you covered.

With Prime Reading, you have access to a library of free magazines and books. You can check out up to 10 at a time, including books like the Harry Potter series and magazines such as Time and National Geographic.

One of the best parts of this perk is that you do not need a Kindle to take advantage of it. You can read on any device.

If you do have a Kindle, though, you get the added bonus of the Lending Library. This gives you access to even more titles, and you can download one at a time with no due date.

People who prefer listening to books are included, too, with free Audible Channels. This gives you access to a rotating series of Audible books, available only to Prime members.

4: Prime Video

Another perk is Prime Video, which gives you streaming access to a large library of TV series and movies, from bigger budget films to lesser-known releases. Amazon is also producing some of its own award-winning content, such as The Man In the High Castle.

If you are looking to cut your connection to cable, you can add on channels like STARZ, HBO, and Showtime, so you can still have access to your favorite shows.

5: Offline Downloads

If you are going on a trip, another Amazon travel benefit is being able to download content to watch when you are offline. This works for both music and video.

Not everything is available for download, but you will have a good selection. If you know you will be traveling, download ahead of time so you can watch or listen even when you do not have an internet connection.

6: Amazon Credit Card

If you want to get even more from your Amazon account, consider getting an Amazon Prime Rewards Visa.

It does not have an annual fee, which means you can simply use it and enjoy the benefits. This includes getting 5% back on any Amazon or Whole Foods purchase, 2% back at restaurants, gas stations, and drugstores, and 1% back with all other purchases.

You also get some good travel benefits, such as no foreign transaction fees and travel accident insurance. Plus, with Amazon, rental car fees can be covered by redeeming your rewards, and you can get Amazon hotel deals in the same way.

If you are not traveling, you can also redeem your rewards for cash back or gift cards.

7: Prime Wardrobe

If you have not gone clothes shopping on Amazon, give it a try with Prime Wardrobe.

As a Prime member, you can choose up to eight items from eligible clothes, shoes, and accessories and have them shipped to you for a seven-day trial.

If something does not fit, or you decide you do not want it, you can return it at no cost for a full refund. You only pay for what you end up keeping.

8: Household Sharing

If you live with someone who loves Amazon as much as you do, you do not need to both pay for Prime. You can share your membership with another adult, as long as you have the same address.

You can also share this with up to four teens (ages 13-17), so they can create their own profiles for streaming or shopping.

9: Lightning Deals

Amazon offers what are called Lightning Deals, where you have access to a discounted item for a certain amount of time. These items also typically have a limited supply.

This is not restricted to Prime members, but membership gets you early access. Having a 30-minute head start could mean the difference between getting the item or not.

10: Specials on Food

Amazon also has benefits for grocery shopping.

One of the biggest is getting discounts at Whole Foods. In addition to the 5% back from using an Amazon Visa card, you can look for items marked as “Prime.” These lower prices are only available to Prime members, and they can add up fast.

You also have access to the Prime Pantry, which is full of household and grocery items that you might not normally purchase because they are too heavy to ship.

If your order is over $35, you get free shipping. You can also pay an extra $4.99 a month to get free shipping on orders over $10, or you can pay $5.99 for orders that do not fall into those categories.

Do Not Miss Out on Amazon Perks

Prime membership comes with many benefits, and you do not want to miss out on any of these Amazon offers. Once you start using them, you and your family will be even happier you opted for membership.

Looking for more tips on rebates and rewards? Check out our website and how we can help make the most of your online shopping experience.

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